Pig's Ear Park and Other Adventures

But wait, there is more…including the Mary Rose

Actually it should read, but wait there was one more bad meal!

This one was the pits and made us both ill… I wrote about going to the Ropewalk Market last Saturday, well we treated ourselves to a recommended breakfast place, recommended on some website or other.  This place even had a place somewhere in Bloomsbury plus other places equally trendy.

Well, there we were, perched on wooden benches at a plank table in a converted railway arch along with all the other twees (plus dogs).  Duly ordered; brioche french toast for me garnished with maple syrup and walnuts, sounded good, T tried for straight bacon and eggs but had to have half and half, very flexible-not, these trendy places, his half and half was half of one dish and half of the other. He got; a muffin with the smallest poached egg in the world on it accompanied by a small pikelet like pancake, with three small slices of greasy looking bacon. All accompanied by mediocre coffee.

My brioche was raw in the middle, no, not lovely french toast soggy, RAW!!!

We paid the equivalent of forty four dollars for this ‘treat’. Plus spent the afternoon on the loo…  No more trendy breakfasts for us!!!!

Yesterday  we went to Portsmouth to see the Mary Rose, booked on line plus booked the bus as well. Left here at the crack of dawn, well 8 am and. had to wait at the bus office for our tickets, not there of course, but the woman at National Express was excellent, so a plus for them.

Busy trip down as we went thru Wimbeldon and it was Day one.

Portsmouth Dock was heaving with tourists and it was a Monday!!!!  Full of pensioners like us.  You have to get a time slot to visit the Mary Rose and ours was 1pm.  We bravely had lunch at one of the cafes, T had fish and chips, I had soup. No repercussions and it was reasonable  and almost value for money.

We finally got into the Mary Rose, very impressive museum, I loved the building, well the  outside anyway, bit confusing inside. All sorts of artifacts and with a bit of imagination you can see the Mary Rose.  T was happy as a dirty little piglet in mud, I was still yearning for a large Marks and Spencers….

We went for a boat ride round the harbour looking at whole Navy ships and then headed back to the bus stop for the trip home – wrong!!!! Been an accident and there was a three hour delay, it ended up being over an hour which was a nuisance but better than three hours. Back to Abbey St by 8 pm..

We have ticked one more thing off the list and despite it being very cold, goretexand woolly jumper all day….it was a pleasant day out…


  1. Love reading your blog. Now are you enjoying yourself?? Wondering if we will cancel our trip!! Only joking off in two weeks about the time you will return to beautiful warm nz. Looking fwd to catching up when we get back providing you haven’t left the country again. Hope both of you are well. Love

  2. I note the weather report!

  3. Yesterday was quite warm in parts but today is back to gray!!!

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