To us the weather yesterday was freezing cold, around 15C and gray, brrrrrr

Took time for us to get out and moving and then wedecided we would walk down to Tower Bridge then turn left and along the Thames, really just along to Borough Market but along the Thames.

The town Hall, Boris’s office is like a wobbly stack of pancakes tilting back wards but it has a nice granite plaza in front of it.  Think the plaza may have been paid for by the builders of the enormous apartment buildings, called Tower One… It is an enormous block…

The London Skyline has changed dramatically but you still get lovely vistas particularly of St Pauls.  Heard an interview with the chief town planner who said he grew up in London and protecting St Pauls sightlines is very important to him.   Just imagine if he was from Auckland

Just heard the weather forecast, a slight chance of frost!!!!!!

Anyway we had a nice stroll along with hundreds of others. Had a lovely walk thru Southwark Cathedral, had been there before but many a church has passed the eyes since then and I  looked at it with new eyes.  Much underrated I decided, lovely soaring ceilings.

Southwark was  one of the churches that Henry 8 nabbed…..

Tried the Borough Market for a pie, the best in London we have decided and cheap!!!!

We  then went and said hello to the Golden Hind, Drake’s ship. Very, very small….

Then had a disgusting pub lunch at the. Mudlark. I complained, was offered a free drink but. declined and suggested they sack the cook.

We have had very mediocre. food when we have eaten out. Went to a very trendy Argentinian Steak House not far from here, tough steak overcooked. baby potatoes, saggy salad out of a packet  and one bottle of wine, the equivalent of $150…. ouch.

We have eaten at the Lebanese down the road, indigestion inducing and expensive, so conclusion is, best to eat at home.

T says he resents having to spend a third of his time foraging for food though! There are only express  supermarkets near here, limited range and to get a wider selection we have to tramp miles…..

Great variety of  food  once you have done the tramp but then you have to carry it all home….

We are slowly getting the flat habititable, read clean, by the time we leave, it will. be OK.

We had the landlord around on Saturday, took two days of waiting to get him here, gave him a list, things like a bucket and mop..

I am amazed by this as we will do a feedback when we leave which will go on  the web site!!!!

The location is good but the surrounding dwellings are blocks of council flats. Bermondsey is now quite trendy but has not quite reached this  apartment.