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A gentle scam

First  time we have not been gathered up by a family member, in latter years David, and driven away from  the airport at high speed.

As we were heading off to Russia we decided to recover at an airport hotel for two nights before hurtling thru the air again.

T trotted off to get tickets on the airport hotel Hoppa bus, “machine broken” says the uniformed man , give me your money and I will do it manually for you”

he did and yesterday T discovered that he had been given Australian coins in change,the uniform had made about 2pound on the deal. a gentle scam but one that would return a reasonable profit over time.

The Sheraton near the airport looks like a prison but it was reasonably comfortable and we walked to the village of Harmsworth yesteday, very prett now parked in the lounge at Heathrow waiting on our delayed flight to Moscow which is not now going to make the  connection to St Petersburg.  Well that will make for some  excitement!!!


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  1. Rosie & Michael

    June 5, 2013 at 2:49 pm

    Hope you got to St Petersburg without too much ado!
    Undertook a property check at Pigs Ear farm this am after foul stormy weather yesterday – all intact including the new glass walls! Head gardener (& assistant) commence work this Sat. What local nursery do you use again??
    Love & safe travels, M & R

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