Not much change since 3 months ago. A nasty piece of new information we did not need was that the windpipe was pushed over a little more. Apparently as the pleura thickens it pulls everything to the side where it is thickening, for Terry that is his right side. Anyway we have ‘leave ‘ again until Mid July. So UK and Russia here we come.’

Visits to the oncologists are almost funny- the oncologist comes out and calls “Parkers’ we then obediently toddle after him to his consulting rooms. By the way the oncology section of Tauranga Hospital is a nice new facilty but suspect it is already bursting at the seams… We both get weighed, both get prodded in the appropriate places, I am dealt with swiftly, fine and we can do nothing for your widdler, T’s x-rays are looked at and compared with the previous ones and then we are on our way. Back again in 3 months.

I am noticing a decrease in T’s energy but that could be the hacking coughs we both have from the plague ship. Ever so slowly getting better.

The garden is quite weedy but am sure it will get worse before it gets better. The violets have taken the hot dry summer badly , hopefully they will rejuvenate. We have feijoas ripe at present plus some mandarins and ugli fruit. A few Granny Smith apples left. Vegie garden needs a replant but as we are away again soon I have just put in a few cos lettuces. Will also plant some aruglia seeds  as it just goes on and on. Have dozens of daffodils to replant- this years casualties from the quail digging forays. Will wait until the existing ones come up then fill in some gaps.

Getting tired of the rain now after weeks without it before we left.  Still have to get the photos of the trip out of the various cameras, waiting for the  required mental stamina to arrive.