Pig's Ear Park and Other Adventures

Help- I am being held prisoner…..

Not really but at times it seems like a geriatric prison afloat.

I have never heard so many coughing sneezing snuffling individuals in my life. We keep to ourselves and avoid the theatres (watch a lot of movies…) where they all go to share thier bugs. It is getting a little better, thank heavens we had flu shots….

Busan was a delight, really enjoyed our day there, great fish market….

Ngasaki, went to the Atomic Bomb Museum and saw lots of cherry blossoms.

Osaka, caught the bullet train to kyoto and went to the Golden Templewith every other toursit and most Japanese- it was easter Sunday, beautiful but crowded… Went to the Rjoanji zen garden, very tranquil along with the other 100 people.

Caught the bullet train back to Oasaka, another day at sea then  Yokohama where it poured with rain, we never bothered to go into Tokyo, too wet and awful. Mooched around Yokohama. All the cities we have seen are clean and tidy, everything has been rebuilt either after a war or an earthquake. Some old temples and Buddhas, say 14th century, amazing how they survived

Phoo, gagging here, someone in the internet room has let rip with an enormous silent FART!!!!!

I am over walkers, sticks, motorised carts and wheelchairs and have bruised ankles to prove it.

The other day a woman huffed into the lift on a walker and stood moaning and had her thunder badly stolen when a Parkinsons victim was wheeled in by her her husband, the walker  quickly went silent.

I think the median age is about 75…

We are actually learning this trip to play bridge, realise how bad the tutor was on the last trip. BUT is it worth all this money to learn the rudiments of bridge!!!!

We are belting along at 20 knots towards Guam. Yesterday we circled Iwo Jima, amazing how much death occurred on such a small island. Day before was great, a force 7 gale and most people stayed in theier cabins- yeah!!!!

T is currently at a paper plane flying competition, he is getting desperate!!!!

Food continues to be excessive , we really only eat a main meal at night, our table companions are worth a story on thier own, may wait till we get off before I write them up…..Suffice to say they had formed and normed before we got on in Darwin and we are are a lowly species….. I mutter comments quite frequently to T, comments of a very scurrilous nature. They won’t budge from their chosen seats…I sit with a fixed smile on my dial- remember ‘the super smile’ Barbara, I use it a lot….

Last night we had dinner with our bridge companions and that was a lovely change- one had been on the Melbourne just before T so they had plenty to talk about….

Eight days and we are out of here, however now that it has warmed up again I am happier, was cold as buggery in Japan…. still the cherry blossoms were nice.

We have had a good rest  and I think we are relaxed!!!!! If only 500 of the passengers would disappear, then it would be a reasonable number for the space. The amazing thing about this group is their attendance at the shows, they turn up an hour before hand for a 45 minute show…take thier knitting and thier ipods….

PS Forgot to say that the median weight is about 150 kgs….

Today we are in Guam, , have you ever been in a queue of 600 snarling Aussies? Well, we waited an hour to get thru American customs,  then four stamps with an old fashioned stamper and we were thru. So hi tech theYanks….beaches and hotels look great and they have a Maceys so all is not wrong with the world. We had a great Vietnamese Pho for lunch today  in Guam but T as usal wanted me to visit prada, gucci etc, I had to resist as I had spent all my money at maceys and on lunch!!!!!

Can’t remember but I think we have a couple of sea days then the delights of rabaul, three more sea days the brisbane for three days and home on the 16th?




  1. Wonderful commentary as always – next chapt in yr book – just watch out for cruise company PR people!!
    See you both soon once back in NZ/TGA ville xx

  2. So disappointed that beautiful garden was so crowded -Easter Sunday not the greatest day for quiet.. Zen garden pretty cool. Did you see the red fire buckets lined up?
    Back to the young ones soon!

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