Well, we actually made the cruise we wanted but never found out until the day after it sailed- so we picked it up in Darwin- suspect someone wanted a weeks jolly….

We have been to Brunei- hot, Kota Kinabalu- hotter, Hong Kong- not quite so hot and Shanghai- damn cold- like 8C!

The latter two were really interesting , haven’t been to HK for about 7 years and it is so swept up, though Catherine assures me that some of the ‘old’ HK can still be found.

We bought a camera here and were probably robbed blind but it was done with great style!

Shanghai is astonishing, I was there 33 years ago and then fleetingly 5 years ago. Pudong, across the river from the Bund was swamp  then, now it is one of the leading financial areas of the world. Architecture that defies gravity and full of the usual designer shops, Prada, Chanel etc, of course t insisted I shop at them all!!!

Well we had tea at a little chic cafe – does that count?

It was as cold as a frogs bum, went down to 8C and the wind chill dropped it further- thank heaven for goretex.

Loved our time both there and HK and could even return…

Ship, Sea princess, like all Princess line ships, overloaded by about 500 passengers. We doubt if we will sail with them again. getting off in HK was a nightmare- anchored damn near at macau and useless tenders- 4 hrs to get ashore on Day 1!!!!

However food is great, bed is comfortable and we are well despite the consumptive coughs that abound all around us.

We are out of communication for the next 6 days , some strange japanese rule about telecommunication. Busan in Korea tomorrow than bam nada till about the 4th of April.

Travel like this does not broaden the mind only the waistline.