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Terry is so indolent….

Not really but so far the mesothelioma is behaving that way. THE check up  x ray today and the Dr said it looked better than the one taken in December. Wow what a relief.  He does not have to go back for 3 months.  He feels pretty good but is definitely a bit breathless climbing up our hill. Unfortunately the cruise we wanted to Japan has now sold out….so we will find another one.

My health is that of an old woman!!! And I do not mean that kindly. I have had a bad back since October, lifted three heavy clay pots which probably did not help. Have  had physio- one month, made it worse, and have been on Ibuprofen 3x daily  for  the last two months. Had an x ray only showed old woman wear and tear.  Now off to a muscular skeletal man. Plus my undercarriage is acting up,  I hate nagging nasties, give me something full on and I am fine but this lot just makes me miserable and cranky. Too tricky to operate on the undercarraige so the expensive gyno said – bet they would do it in America!!!!

We have just had a lovely trip to the South Island, ChCh is so sad and our friends Rosie and Mike have had thier lovely house wrecked . still living in it but you can see daylight thru the wall in the kitchen. We stayed with my brother Len’s partner Elaine in Ashburton and visited my brother’s grave plus found ny parents grave. Elaine was so kind to us. Unfortunately we never caught up with my two nieces, sorry Chris and Sandra- next time or hopefully you will make your way here sometime.

We discovered Lake Ohau Lodge, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Lovely mountains, lovely lake, no people and a great place to stay. We had wonderful food at the Lodge and ended up buying two Belinda Weir paintings of Lake Ohau. Her mother lives in the retirement village in Omokoroa and Belinda  lives in the  Alpine Village at Lake Ohau. Small world indeed.

Stayed with friends in Queenstown at their apartment for four nights, in hindsight we probably should have  split our time between Queenstown and  Wanaka. I always forget how close  Wanaka is to Queenstown . We had a nice day out in Arrowtown and went for a boat ride on Lake Wakatipu  with lunch at the Hilton. Well, the ad said the Hilton but I bet it was not where John Key and his Aussie mate Julie had their meals, It was more of a pub. T had his highlight in Queenstown, up to the top of whatever hill it is – in a gondola. I declined the outing!

We did the inland route through Canterbury going down south and on our return. I loved seeing all the places from  my childhood, Mayfield, Mt Somers, the Rakaia Gorge  etc etc. We sampled pies throughout the country and voted Fairlie Bakery as the best maybe even surpassing Patrick’s Pies in Bethlehem.

Three thousand k’s later we arrived home- to two quietly rotting deep freezers both full of food and two very pongy fridges. T is in the process of digging a large hole to take the lot. Some idiot had turned off our power at the main, suspect an open2 view  person however the real estate agent vows not!!!

Yes, we are putting th house on the market, my bad back has contributed to it plus I think we are simply over this place. Sixteen years is the longest either of us have ever been in one place. Will probably buy in Omokoroa if this place sells, it should do as we are pricing it to sell.

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  1. Hey, good news re Terry’s X-ray result – maybe the Sth Is trip blew some nasties away!
    Can’t submit here but will email you the pic from our Governor’s Bay lunch.
    We booked Ohau Lodge for our homebound stay next week – ‘cos of your experience and we said so to owner (lovely Louise was delighted with yr feedback) but our brief roadtrip to Caitlins since postponed until March.
    Happy cruising – love R & M

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