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Indolent Terry

No, he isn’t really but the oncologist said ‘lets hope this an indolent one’ meaning one that progresses very slowly.

T spent the morning on the chainsaw as you do when waiting to hear about your health. I spent the morning picking up cabbage tree leaves and puka leaves- thrilling.

We duly turned up for the 12.30 pm X-ray and were outta there in 10 minutes arrived early at the oncologists and were seen by 12.50 pm. Bit of a record really…. Anyway the x ray looked much better than the one taken a month ago, Dr said probably due to the invasive nature of the lung biopsy. He also said that the lung exploratories are the hardest and longest to heal. T felt better about that as he has been gobbling parecetomol and is fed up with it all. Apparently a nerve may have been cut also thus contributing to the nagging pain.

The upper pleura looked minutely more thickened than the one taken two months ago , and the bottom of the right lung is very murky compared to the left. Again though, it was murky in October.

Upshot of it all was, ‘see you again at the end of January, unless you experience anything nasty’.

T has said he does get breathless coming back up our hill but it hasn’t got any worse in the last couple of months so lets hope it stays that way for a time.

We were so relieved as chemo before xmas had looked a real possibility. Now we are cautiously thinking we may sneak overseas for a couple of months next year.

We celebrated by going to Palmers cafe and having sloppy cakes, blow the healthy stuff.



  1. Jean & Darryl Kelly

    February 8, 2013 at 2:18 pm

    Hi Margaret & Terry,
    Tony has kept us up with your news. “old age is a b…..” but I daresay you have said that a few times lately.

    I will carry on viewing your website even if you don’t hear from us that often, we do care ! (And glad you had those sloppy cakes – made my mouth water).

    Bye for now, Jean and Darryl.

  2. Margaret Tate

    May 27, 2013 at 4:31 pm

    Dear Parkers,
    Great to be in touch and I have sent word of your website to David Johnstone.I gave some thought to retirement villages as my eyesight is getting worse. Suddenly a villa with a garden at a village five minutes from the CBD became vacant I got an offer on my house so in a month it was all done. It was definitely the right thing. Mary and David both finished their PhDs. David feels more at peace with the world and Mary with the children grown up is enjoying all the travelling that academic work can open up. Brisbane this week and next month Vienna. Sarah studied at an international universiry in Sweden and to the family’s disappointment found a fella and she may become a permanent resident. Emily has almost completed her three year nursing training and Laura is at Victoria. I am very sorry you have these health problems and I admire the way you deal with them very much. It makes me ashamed of being grumpy about my aches and pains. Is this the best way to contact you or do you accept emails? There is lots more I should like to ask you and tell you.

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