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Month: December 2012

2012 up till now….

Severine deboning a trout

Has been a toad of a year. I have had two lots of chemo plus radiation, Terry has been diagnosed with mesothelemeoma(lung cancer caused by exposure to asbestos) , two of my brothers died and one of Terry’s sister in law died.

However we face 2013 with reasonable optimism, I am quite fit and Terry is determined to make the most of everything and hopefully will make next Christmas too.

This last week we have both followed our favoured pursuits, I have gardened myself silly and Terry has attacked the house with vacum cleaner, duster and mop. He still has to do that particularly male thing and spray the spiders and bugs. Imagine his horror the year we had a Buddhist tenant in the cottage who never killed anything. By the time she left the cottage was festooned in spider webs. She was nice though!

Flowering madly at the moment are the dahlias, star jasmine, but only a few roses, next burst for them is mid January. Vegies are good as well, but the quail try and get it, and now there are about 15 babies buzzing about like walking bumble bees also trying to get my vegies.

This last week we also had a lovely sail on a friend’s large catamaran on Tauranga Harbour. In the depths of winter they took us out as well. Tauranga is a lovely harbour- on a nice day!

Plans for next year include a trip to the South Island late January, and hopefully a trip to the USA. All depends on T’s x-rays!

The weather has been fabulous but wet this morning and probably wet for the next 7 days according to the forecast. That will make our planned al fresco christmas  feast interesting.

Indolent Terry

No, he isn’t really but the oncologist said ‘lets hope this an indolent one’ meaning one that progresses very slowly.

T spent the morning on the chainsaw as you do when waiting to hear about your health. I spent the morning picking up cabbage tree leaves and puka leaves- thrilling.

We duly turned up for the 12.30 pm X-ray and were outta there in 10 minutes arrived early at the oncologists and were seen by 12.50 pm. Bit of a record really…. Anyway the x ray looked much better than the one taken a month ago, Dr said probably due to the invasive nature of the lung biopsy. He also said that the lung exploratories are the hardest and longest to heal. T felt better about that as he has been gobbling parecetomol and is fed up with it all. Apparently a nerve may have been cut also thus contributing to the nagging pain.

The upper pleura looked minutely more thickened than the one taken two months ago , and the bottom of the right lung is very murky compared to the left. Again though, it was murky in October.

Upshot of it all was, ‘see you again at the end of January, unless you experience anything nasty’.

T has said he does get breathless coming back up our hill but it hasn’t got any worse in the last couple of months so lets hope it stays that way for a time.

We were so relieved as chemo before xmas had looked a real possibility. Now we are cautiously thinking we may sneak overseas for a couple of months next year.

We celebrated by going to Palmers cafe and having sloppy cakes, blow the healthy stuff.


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