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The visit before ‘the’ visit

Duly happened on Wednesday. T had a list of questions all of which were greeted with’wait until Monday when you see the oncologist’. He did leave with a prescription for more painkillers and in response to the question ‘how long do I have if I do nothing?’ the answer was 9 months. Now is that nine months from when he went to the Dr in July- thus giving him 5 months or 9 months from now, think maybe the latter.

I have an appointment today with the specialist in the Dept for rheumotology and the aged- guess which category they have put me! This is in response to my overnighter in Tauranga a few weeks ago for the suspected TIA’s or mini strokes.

I have had;a CT scan, an ultrasound and an MRI , all negative. Makes me mad as a snake when I think how long it took to get scans etc when I was first diagnosed with NHL. All negative of course. I keep saying it is a pinched nerve, and think the physio may have found it, my si joint on the right side is out of whack and around T something is a whole bunch of knotted nerves. Nobody has yet suggested that I have a cholestrol test even though I was prescribed with a massive dose of lipids. I have not filled the prescription.  Not sure what I will say to the Dr in charge of the aged.

Summer has arrived, have had two days of 21C seemed positively tropical, we have been forced to take our 400g duvet off and put on a lighter one.

T has been doing more, pottering around and is driving again so the operation effects are dwindling a little though he still has pain where they put the hole in his side. He installed a chandilier (small!!!) in the toilet a few days ago so is on the mend despite the prognosis.

The garden is looking great, of course, now the garden event is over. Renga lilies are all out and the dahlias are just starting to flower. Even T said the garden looked good and he is not a flower man. Have taken some photos and when I have worked out how to get them from camera to computer will put them on. Grandchildren coming this weekend so they will probably show me.

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  1. I can imagine how beautiful your garden is looking.
    Thoughts with you both as you wait on the oncologist response today.
    Rosie x

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