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August 3rd 2012

…was T’s first visit to the Dr about his chest and today three plus months later we finally have a diagnosis. Yes, afraid it is mesolithemioma, lung cancer if you prefer caused by asbestos.

We went to the GP to get the results as we would have had to wait another week for the specialist. Straight after we had been to the GP we went up to the Oncology Centre at the hospital and met with the Co-ordinator whom I have dealt with regularly in the past. She was quite helpful but everyone is afraid to make a statement until all the ducks are in a row, i.e. the specialist then the oncologist. So, specialist next week to tell us we are to visit the oncologist on Monday 26th. Both of us have appointments that day, mine just to say , yes I am fine and T’s to get an idea of what treatment he will have. it will be palliative chemo only and as he said if he has 18 months left why wipe out 4 months (and his hair) with chemo.

Not a nice day and suitably it rained.


  1. We are shocked and speechless – you are both very precious friends….
    Will talk soon, love M & R

  2. Shit! that is not good news. I am really not sure what is the best way to say that other than shit.Will cALL TNT.

    LOVE, Sev and Nik

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