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What a hellishingly long 6 weeks  wait for the second x-ray then we got a card saying T had a specialist appointment today, 7 and a half weeks  wait in total.

So what did she say; well it is his right lung and she said nothing had changed from the initial visit. Thickening of the pleura but whether or not it is mesothelioma she can’t say for sure. So, more tests, she meets with the radilogists next Monday and they will decide whether he has a biopsy using a CT scan  which would be done within a couple of weeks in Tauranga or whether he goes to Hamilton and has  a Medical Thoroscoscopy- a dig around under anaesthetic, that would be 6 weeks away.

We are actually hughly relieved that there has been no change as this particular disease moves very fast. What concerned her was T has pain in his right side’like somebody has kicked him in the ribs and is still quite breathless at times. Mind you so am I and we both had the same virus so that may get better- I hope so I am sick of panting up the bank.

So a long anxious day, we went to the movies to fill in time.


Sunning themselves at our expense…..


  1. Hi guys mixed messages for sure. Here’s hoping for best possible result. Wot about lunch at our place soon. Give us a call. Leigh

  2. glad to finally hear some news….
    not worse , and sounds like nothing has changed -GOOD!!
    SO heads down now for Garden fest
    love J & G

  3. The waiting is the worst!.. We have met with the oncologist and he has staged Griz’s lung cancer at stage 3, we of course were not very happy to hear that. Unfortunately there is a node involved that is very close to the mediastinum(heart, bronchus, trachea) that probably can’t be surgically removed safely so he will probably have to have radiation and chemo with possible surgery after it has shrunk. Survival rates stats are only 13% for 5 years. We have appt with surgeon tomorrow, still waiting on appt with radiation oncologist. They want to do an MRI to check for brain mets but he can’t have one for a month because he has a pH moniter in his esophagus from Monday as we thought his respiratory problems may be associated with gastric reflux and the little pill size moniter needs to drop off and be pooped out as it is magnetic. Apparently any metal that can be attracted to a magnet is not allowed in the MRI, a paper clip can get up to 40mph if it is in the same room as the machine. So I don’t think we want a repetition of Alien from Griz’s belly.
    I hope they figure out a diagnosis soon for Terry and symptoms aren’t slowing you guys down too much. Glad you had a nice time in Samoa, I’ve never been.
    Keep us posted.
    Love Julia and Griz

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