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Nil Carborundum

Find T in the Windsor ticket queue

Boys never grow up…..

Well we sometimes think they may grind us down!!!!

Just after  I developed my dose of pneumonia T developed a similar bronchial rasp. One lot of antibiotics , no better so another lot and thanks to an alert Dr an appointment for an x-ray that afternoon- a miracle in NZ.

Infection in the pleural lining round his lung- needs  a scan. He had that last week- another miracle plus he met the specialist Friday. As Joan  said if you can’t breathe it does need some degree of urgency even in our system.

Upshot of it all, anything from really bad infection in the pleural lining- which has thickened, to mesathelioma cancer- no we had never heard of it either.

Caused by  asbestos getting into the lung and working its way out to the pleura/lining. The reason for alarm is the thickening of the pleura- a pre cancerous sign . Thank you Royal Navy! T said he often walked over broken asbestos lagging to get to his guns.

We now wait 6 weeks for another scan.

This is our third lot of nasty news, not even a two hour delay this time between remission and dagnosis but an overlap.

He is fine, stoic as ever, he has certainly not stopped doing things, has worked like stink over the last few months in the garden, going out soon to put in some big posts…  both of us are finding our chests rage as we walk back up the hill to the house but guess we are both recovering from nasty chest things… We are fine on the flat!

My last warhead insertion went well, had a different anasthesiet who gave me painkillers BEFORE the anasethetic, he plus he never gave me a bruise in my hand- looked in horror at the bruising on my hand from last week.

Usual performance, and here T and I have a disagreement, I insist they knock me out ,insert the warhead, then phaff  usually doing someone else(nobody else yesterday- so much faster) for an hour or so  before they wheel me  back in for the attachment to the wall mounted nuclear base. T insists that it is all done while I am under- rubbish, why do I have to lie there for 20 minutes attached to the nuclear  base listening to inane music!!!! We are going to seek clarification on this as to who is right!!!!

Snitzels last words were ‘Have a good life’ and  ‘I’ll see you in three months in Tauranga’. Not sure if he meant have a good life for 3 months or the Tauranga appointment was an add on…..

I lay around waiting to pee- not allowed to go until you have peed, then we scurry back to Tauranga, even manage a pie at Patricks.

We both had a zz in the sunporch then I even did some washing and managed to stay awake till 10.30 pm! Wish I had had the same anasthetist all  the time. he was a silver fox think I have been at the mercy of registrars.

So that’s it, just hope the NHL stays at bay long enough  to get T sorted.


Pretending to think….


  1. O.M.G.
    how much more bad news for you 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    now Terry added to my daily thoughts – please know that we both are sending you our love

  2. Thanks Jan and Garry. We would much rather be at deer camp- maybe next year we will run away again……

  3. Sounds like an extremely up and down 2 weeks for you both since we had that lovely crayfish dinner.
    Love and thoughts to you both, will call during the week xx

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