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Good news- sort of….

Actually I think it qualifies as good news without the sort of….

Remember a few weeks ago I wrote about the baboons bum, well it eased off but after the initial brachytherapy(giving birth to the nuclear warhead)  the poor old fanny went into torched overdrive.

I, of course blamed the brachy as the timing was spot on. When I told Snitzels registrar about the ongoing pain he looked on reflection a little puzzled. On Monday I went over to the house of horrors for my last external radiation and commented to the radiowhatsit that my poor fanny was so sore from the brachy, she looked surprised- it was not the brachy causing the burning it was the external radiation. Just like women with breast cancer get burns around their boobs, I get burns on my fanny. I was gobsmacked as Snitzel had told me how ‘safe’ external radiation was when I abused him about my pounding heart. Silly me. Nobody at anystage told me that I would get burnt from it. Yesterday I told the co-ordinator that and she said maybe the staff just assume the patient knows! Remember what assume means makes an ass out of you and me….

Snitzel asked to see me before I came home and expressed his disappointment at my failure to complete the brachy as he said the final two treatments would give me a 95% chance of survival.

Well, both T and I sat up straight at that, I told him about my newly discovered knowledge about what/who the real transgressor was in my nether regions, he looked surprised- again an assumption of knowledge.

He said please have the last two sessions, I said yes much to T’s relief.  Obviously my brush with pneumonia has caused them to pause plus an accompanying drop in the white cell count as they do not plan to do the next brachy until the 30th July and the last one on the 6th August.

I still have the horrors about the whole procedure but as long as the morphine keeps coming I will be OK and as long as the burning  has gone by then it should be copeable.

After Mondays external radiation, the last, I writhed in agony, probably psychological, but it is just starting to come down to a bareable level of pain now- Wednesday. Spent the day in the sunroom yesterday -whimpering.

I must admit on reflection again I am surprised that the head honcho never argued the case more, Snitzel was away last week, so guess I am lucky he was there this week.

Anyway thank you Joan for the lovely bag of daily treasures and the Journals of Discontent, I really appreciated them. The F Y stamp came on exactly the right day and if one searched my room very carefully you would find some graffiti saying FY…..

Please don’t everyone  who has contacted me   forget me me now that I am home.



  1. Margaret mcKay

    July 18, 2012 at 11:28 am

    What good news, you are long overdue for something positive to come out of this. It amazes me that medical professionals do not seem to talk to each other a lot, something to due with professional jealousy perhaps?

  2. We arrived back from the Gold Coast two days ago,and are now catching up with all all our mail. Leigh said this is better reading than 50 SHADES OF GREY. Marg we look forward to seeing you both ,so will call, and organize a catchup as soon as.Love Kate and leigh

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