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Week Two over with….

After a nice weekend at home, plenty of gardening, packed up  Monday morning and headed off to the local GP. Told him about the heart etc, he said it was over active adrenalin glands- see sounds so much more plausible than straight stress!  Apparently my fight or flight response kicks in and as I cannot do anything about it  the heart hammers away- it sure does. My blood pressure was taken- 142 over 76!  A bit high but a far cry from the 200 over 100 of last week.

Take a beta blocker 2 hours before radiation.- was the suggestion, so down to the chemist to get the beta blocker after a slightly tetchy debate  about the Indian generics I was offered I left with’proper’ beta blockers amidst much muttering about cost- the charge was $5, the Indian ones must cost 5 cents….. See Nik, even chemists get to hear about their sins….

T and I then rewarded ourselves with a  Bethlehem Patricks Pie for lunch before a fast run to Hamilton.  I was done and dusted with that days nuke strike by  3.30 pm.  I now have a my own duvet and pillow at the Lodge so the feathers should not get me this week, the carpet tiles have been replaced in some areas with lashings of adhesive- very green I must say! So maybe it is a chemical filled building.

Took a sleeping pill and drifted thru the night. Lot of new people in and the Lodge is bursting. The groupings are interesting, , youngish women sit together, tangata whenua sit together, middle aged women sit together and I sit with the grumpy old men. Actually I sit with a nice couple from Whakatane, she is the patient and he is her ‘carer’, plus a few grumpy old men- no they aren’t really, they all have interesting stories.

One of the men – early 50’s  is a share holder in a company we worked with a lot in Lower Hutt- they had that great factory shop Trish…. He is a real dynamo and supplies all the possum fur in the industry. I actually met someone from Tinwald. A youg teacher, whose father was the presbytarian Minister in Tinwald- St James, which always surprised me as the Anglican church I went to in Tinwald was St Andrews, bet we were there first and the pressies did it out of pique!!!!

She went to Tinwald school for all her primary schooling and like me loved it.  There is always someone to talk to which is nice, makes me realise how little interaction we have out here  with other people.  Then again they are kiwifruit growers. Ian, asked one of the kiwifruit growers if we could  lower the shelter belt behind the cottage- ‘no’- was the reply of course- reason given I had complained to Close Up last July about the shelter belts- ‘funny’ said Ian, Margaret was overseas from June till September.  The parting comment was -‘not at this time’!!!!! We were going to be paying!!!!

Tuesday dawned groggily, had a massage at 9.30, mmmmm, then a zap at 10.30, then a nap then lunch, then an oncologists appointment- he is quite nice- I am pleasant to him Nik!  He gave me a reduced schedule of anti nausea drugs for this weeks round of chemo. Wrote my entry for the Grimms Fairy Tale competition, 8 weeks in Germany or an ipad!!!! Which would be harder- learning german or using an ipad!!!!!

Had dinner- yum, prune stuffed chicken. Have given up on muesli in the mornings as it created’ a large gas bubble’ right over the zap area!!!  The radiowhatsit said they see them all the time- I think a fart tax should be applied to the Lodge.

Two dear friends came over on Wednesday and took out for lunch to Mavis and Co, Jackie W’s grandaughter manages it, lovely lunch. We did a little retail therapy, I now own A TUNIC!!!! merino, gray of course with silver birds on it- gives me shelf like apprance across the rear end- cannot wear wool under wool! I also bought a very trendy jacket, with a fur lined hood, knitted top half and puffy bottom, gray again- I probably look like an old meringue. Plus some tights which end around my knees. I wore the jacket on Friday with tights and boots and walking along the corridor a woman gave me a total flick stem to stern not at all discreetly,  I asked her if I passed the test…. Not sure what T will think of the gear….

Thursday- chemo day, seven hours hooked up while various poisons are poured in. Check list- ipod, eye shades, lip salve,radio, noise reducing earphones, socks, down coat from Chinese days to use as a blanket, all set ,action.

T arrived about 11 am and brought bread rolls from Bethlehem, I wolfed one down then went back to sleep.

We have decided that he  will not come on a Thursday as he said- why sit and watch me sleep.  I can add more jobs to his list….I was very grumpy Thursday, must be sleeping pill deprivation, only took the two and no longer need the beta blockers either. However a Dr came and looked at my sore throat- velly red she said, gurgle, I think she meant gargle.

Joans’sister Rose, ended up in the next bed to mine for time,she is looking really well so some things work. 

Back to the Lodge, T staying the night so we cannot eat there, an endless trail around Hamilton looking for firstly a park then somewhere to eat. Happy hours fill all the parks between 5-7 pm on a Thursday. I just got grumpier….

Back to the Lodge and a group of nice grumpy old men were still up, most go to bed about 8.30 pm, we had an nice chat about all sorts- really interesting the dynamics without alcohol. Nobody gets pushy, well maybe me- just a little.

Packed ourselves out on Friday am, had a bit of a wait for my nuke but left about 11.30 am, and headed straight to Patricks Pies for the end of the week reward.

I fossicked in the garden, drank some lemon grass tea for my throat and gurgled again and think I may manage to avoid antibiotics. A small victory.

One more week like this then the dreaded brachyterapy…there are two of us having it at the same time- havn’t met the other woman yet but the nurses are worried as it is only a small recovery room- as long as I am drugged to buggery I will be fine.




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  1. you a little pushy -never! Sounds as though week 2 was an improvement on week 1 – I am relieved.

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