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Tactical Error

That is what I made re room allocation at Hamilton Cancer Lodge Shown to a room looking onto a wall, I demurred and asked for a room with a view over the lake- wrong!!!!! Whover did the construction (2011) of this lodge did not know much about soundproofing- I feel like I am living on Lake Rd, and I mean on the road.

The manager showed me an alternative room after I moaned- my original had gone – needless to say  the room offered was worse. She offered me ear plugs…….

I fear I may move to a motel which is a bugger as there are shuttles here to the hospital etc etc but being a street dweller is totally lacking in charm. Took a sleeping pill last night so today i am even dopier than usual!!!

Yesterday after my first zap I felt weird, the theory of the particle nature of matter is spot on- all my particles where particling plus my heart was hammering and the zapped area felt cooked.

Heart hammered away for about six hours.

I told the radiographers(they are called something else these days ?) about it before they did todays zap- no- could not possibly be the radiation.

Five minutes after todays zap- same reaction, told a nurse- actually I didn’t tell the nurse, my friend Wendy who was with me told the nurse. Very sceptical air was noted, however my blood pressure was 200 over 98- pretty high. I was sent for an ECG, OK apparently, then a young registrar came and looked at me, no not the radiation, well I said very flukey coincidence.

The radiowhatsits suggested it was stress so did the nurse but I assured them it took more than stress to set every atom in my body jangling(although at times it has seemed like that- no never like this lot!)

The nurse then said when quizzed that she hadn’t a clue and eventually even the Dr agreed that he had no idea.

I said one more session with these after effects and there would be no more until they could provide an explanation. Thursday I start the nasty chemo- cisplatin and that will be bad enough without adding a practical science lesson on the nature of matter to it.

So all in all my visit to the little house of horrors is right on track- horrible.


  1. All I can say is shopping -you do need a new handbag don’t you?

  2. For an historian, your science knowledge is coming along nicely. Hang in there!!

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