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After five days of a pounding heart and blood pressure sitting in the 200/100 range I was very glad to depart Hamilton.

I met the radiologist in the corridor on Friday, managed a sick grimace at him but felt like biting his ankle. I actually got to see him on Wednesday, we had a heated discussion and I told him I did not believe him that the radiation stops right where it lands.  He is adamant that ‘his radation’ was having no effect’  try living in my body. I am off to see my GP on Monday and may have to finally resort to beta blockers at least until this is over. Radiologist suggested seeing my GP- I snarled that I thought he was the expert on this….

The cisplatin has had minimal effect thanks to a wonderful new drug that costs 90 bucks a throw- I take it religiously. Admissions to A&E have dropped dramatically since they started issuing it out.

Chemo session lasted 7 hours and the chemo clininc at Waikato is tiny, 40 patients a day go through- BUT you get lunch which we didn’t at Tauranga!

I am just coping with the nosy room, the view is stunning of course and t managed to stay on Thursday night in a p[ortable bed so that was good- there was room for it- put him next to the window hoping he would baffle the noise- mean!!!! Realised too that the feather blankets  on the bed – very nice BUT- are causing me to wheeze like an old chook- may be contributing to the pounding heart, certainly easier to breathe at home. More damn luggage- a woolen duvet from home to replace the feathers. Am going to hire a TV  may break the noise barrier. Food is fine and there is a happy hour every night.

Fifty people in this new lodge- built in 2011, good double glazed windows but thinkl the walls are cardboard, colour scheme is gray and green- yes! Mix of ages and stages- one young man died last week and one has till xmas- oh joy!

People on the whole though just get on with it. All out of towners of course, Hamiltonians stay at home.

The treatment for radiation only takes about five minutes. You are supposed to change into cute cotton turquoise pants- I did twice, now I just march in take off my shoes and pull down my trousers, throw a sheet over my middle and climb on the zap bed and keep my eyes closed while they fiddle about getting you lined up- some take more care than others, much whirring and zzzing and it is all over, yank up the trousers, put on the shoes and head on out till the next day. I said on Friday’ hope you don’t mind seeing my bum’, ‘dear’ she said, ‘we see bums all day’.

Still terrified about the brachytherapy….

Anyway yesterday I dug two large holes in the garden for the two students to plop two camellias into- there for a moment you thought T was going west….. so my energy has not gone yet. Bit of weeding on the agenda for today .

We have just bought a new bed, and being us have downsized, our old king bed was not the same size as the new kings- they have grown, so we bought a queen, very nice but I think T has taken over the 10 cm gap  and has encroached on my side- I am going to draw a line on the wall!!!!

Cold as a frogs stomach here so a bit of body warmth is appreciated. Garden is mad- King Alfred daffodils out already- just a few.

David I still await my idiot proof instructions for getting photos on this site. Catherine, glad you were impressed with my little bit of scientific knowlege, my understanding of radiation is low though- apparently- or maybe it is good! Joss, shoe shopping I think.

Week one done and dusted and yes I have noticed some physical changes but not going to explain them here.

Oh yes, a cute comment(not) at the Aus funeral- ‘oh, yes you have a sexually transmitted disease’!!!!

That did my head in, I nearly said yes bugger eh- I will have to take time off from my night job while get this seen to….


  1. Much as I love you mum, I think i would hate to have to deal with you as a patient. The snarling, hissing and ankle biting would wear me down. Keep up the fighting spirit 🙂
    At least there is a happy hour every night to look forward too.
    Dropped Sev off at the airport bound for Japan and giant squid hunting in submarines. I worry about her though, she only took one fishing rod where as I would have packed at least 5.

  2. They just have to realise that I am the patient and they are there to give me care- promptly, efficiently and with a smile- like a good 5 star hotel!!!!!

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