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Baboon’s bums and trivia

What an absolutely #&@?!!   of a week,

We tottered back over the hill over to Hamilton on Monday after a night of me snuffling and huffling- tactical error number two- not to have antibiotics….

Staggered thru Monday, coughed and spluttered all Monday night, stayed in bed until 11 am on Tuesday, – remember that- met up with my old friend Shirley for a wonderful talkathon   in the afternoon then spluttered and coughed all night.

THAT was it- antibiotics here we come.Saw Snitzel and got a prescription, usual story with a virus 3 weeks with and 3 without, gimme them drugs anyway…

Because of said bum and cold I missed out on going out for lunch. Stayed in bed again until after 11 am- rember that!

I  mentioned to the nurse that I had a backside like a baboons all red. She laughed- radiation burns and gave me some magic clear salve, aaah the relief. How come I get radiation burns when Snitzels radiation is absolutely accurate to the spot…Ha! I had a long and graphic conversation with a man from Pukehina Beach about baboon’s bums.  One of the good things about the lodge is there is always someone there with either similar or worse.

Wednesday I waited for the shuttle, leaves the hospital on the half hour and the hostel on the hour. I thought I had plenty of time, let the Transit Ward people know I was there just in case I got missed.

Kept looking for the shuttle- no sign. Then suddenly I saw it driving out, I raced out the door bellowing like a mad baboon, someone saw and signalled the shuttle down. Another woman was also in hot pursuit.

I had a few terse words to say, including ‘you are supposed to check in the lounge’ The female bowler hatted driver said she wasn’t expected to do that. I responded that I never damn well dreamt it up.

Now here we have quite ill and frail older people waiting outside under the verandah in 10C! I ask you! Anyway she must have checked because she has been checking in the lounge. The male driver always checks.

Chemo on Thursday, no Terry to watch me sleep which I did most of the day. However one of the chemo drugs  taken after the event causes insomnia.

I took a sleeping pill but only managed 1 hour at atime.

Woke up feeling shocking around 6 am, think to myself could I get myself out and about feeling like this, and the answer  was no. I also developed a really bad case on radiation squitters, just had to sit on the throne- and because my room is never serviced had to use tissues- softer anyway.

Eventually I ring the call bell, maybe they have some electrolytes or something.

Who should arrive at my door at 6 am but the bowler hatted driver! Get the nurse I said. There is no nurse she said. She sent up the the offcial member of the night staff a rather inept Indian lady who reads magazines all night.

Take my temperature I croak, no thermometers, she replys, go and look I say. An hour later she comes back to say no thermometers. Another blue clad woman pokes her nose in, cup of tea, brakfast, piss off, no I didn’t but I felt like it.

I crash until just on 9 am when the cleaner comes, see why I cannot do your room, you are always in it. I roll my eyes.

My room has not been cleaned for three weeks, I take the previous weeks rubbish down on a Monday when I return and as noted have finally run out of loo paper. Thursday night I told the night manager this little fact .

It is of course my fault- I am always asleep!!!!

I stagger down for a cup of tea, breakfast is long since over, I scoff two pieces of maderia cake and a banana and get buttonholed by the manager whom I had the run in with on day one.

I asked her what duty of care does the Lodge have, none she said only as a hostelry. The old lodge used to have a nurse and I bet that saved some of the numerous admissions to hospital from up there at the Lodge.

She said I looked fine- bit of make up, T later said I looked dreadful. She wanted to talk about the cleaner, said she would get her to come when I was having radiation.

I totter off to the hospital for blood tests and anECG prior to the brachy, discover that I have had a heart attack, age not known!  Who knows when that occurred….  makes me so insurable!

When I returned to my room to collect my bags prior to coming home, the floor had been vacumed and the bathroom cleaned but the tray with all the tea things on was just as skanky and the desk thing was covered in dust. Maybe Friday is not dust day.

I slept all the way home and then again for another hour at home.

However I have just been down the garden getting leeks for dinner. So must be coming right.

New tenant has a dog and I found an enormous dog poo on one one of the paths- guess who is now in my headlights. T of course said how did I know it was her dog- the size of it has never been seen on this place before ergo- her dog.

Brachtherapy Monday morning- a new horror. However the sun shone today after raining all week so that must be good.  PLUS the food is very good, this we have had hogget roast- don’t try and tell a girl from Canterbury that it is till lamb at this time of year, chicken casserole, roast belly pork to die for(well- no) and lovely fresh terakihi.

Great mountains of good vegies plus puddings ranging from rice pudding to sticky date to gooey chocolate.  Lunch is always a nice soup plus muffins or scones. Brekkie is abit lacklustre but they make porridge and provide a variety of cereal and fruit. So pretty good on the food front. I have appointed myself as a server- dollop out food every night, some eat a little some eat a lot, some moan about the food as too fancy even!!!!

Wonder what we will have  on the menu next week.  I came home and cooked one of Nik’s butterfish whole- pretty good but the vegies were not up to standard!


  1. Missed catching up by phone this weekend but got your text (impressive!)
    Hope you have a good Sunday night sleep and will be thinking of you tomorrow.
    Big hurdle for you this week, then you are on the home strait….speak soon, love to you both.

  2. Hi Mum, I realise you are going through something not nice and rather scary but I do love your wit and weekly updates on the state of our health system and it’s employees.
    keep strong and keep badgering Terry, don’t let him have a minutes piece, Play the “I’m tired” card for all it’s worth. demand back rubs and foot massages too.

    Love Sev and Nik

  3. Nik, nil carborundum….. Here is a miracle- T out of bed at 4.45 am!!!!!!!

  4. OMG, what a read, I am sorry but you had me laughing! I do hope the room has been cleaned! I am sure by the time this is over you will have the place running smoothly! Go you!
    On a serious note I have been thinking about you, hoping that it is not knocking you around too much.
    I am on holiday at the mo. It is so nice to not have to jump out of bed and race. I am slowing cleaning things up around here, windows today, two done (inside only), now I have lost the urge!The weather is cold and wet so I’m not rushing outside. Took the kids into town yesterday to buy some winter clothes, better late than never. Town was really quite most be a sign of the times. They are now hanging around the kitchen asking what there is to eat, so I guess I should pull finger and do some baking.
    Hang in there. Emma

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