After discarding all sorts of ideas for a break before my incarceration at Waikato we finally settled on a few days at a nice hotel in Ak.I had a wedding to perform on the Saturday so we would go up on the Wednesday then back on Sunday.

Well best laid plans etc…Terry’s sister in law, Margaret died unexpectedly on Saturday June 2nd and with T’s brother in hospital going thru a stem cell transplant for leukemia  and not expected out until the 5th,it was all a bit of a muddle.

Tony’s, T’s brother, two daughters took charge, Justine on the home front initially then Julia when she flew in  from America, with husband Griz. Margaret had to have an autopsy as she died unexpectedly and alone. She had a tear in the tissues around her heart.

We had no idea when to go over, knowing that time was quite tight. In the end we flew over on Sunday 3rd and back on the 6th- shortest and most expensive visit we have ever made to Aus.

I offered to be the celebrant and the ceremony was held at a local tavern- not as bad as irt sounds but it was on a balcony area and the Gold Coast was having an exceptional cold spell….

Seemed to be what was required although named a Celebration of Life- i checked the format on a website and it seemed little different to what we do here.

I was shattered by the time it was all over, too knackered to even moan much about our very expensive seats being right down the back of the plane and in the middle row!

Getting into Ak from the airport at 7.30 pm on a wet night was nightmare but we finally tottered into our flash hotel. Not quite the lesurely day driving up from tauranga that we had envisaged!

Thursday we just staggered around,  went to Degas to Dali, we were not overwhelmed,made the rehersal, met the groom- luckily I knew the bride!

Handed over with much trepidation  my one copy of the ceremony to the bride who had another reading to put in- she promised to return it by 4 pm Friday- she did!

Friday we caught the train to Sunnyvale where Joss and Rob picked us up and took us back to thier wonderful garden and newly refurbished (very well) house up in the Waitakeres.

We lunched heartily and were back at the train station by 3.10 pm. Train arrived we hopped on, then were told to hop off as some school girls in the last carriage had smelt burning rubber! What were they on!

An hour later we hopped on a replacement train and tottered into Ak, just in time to grab the ceremony, read it thru, get changed and meet  my friend Joan for drinks and dinner.

Saturday we snuck back to the Art gallery and found a room full of wonderful lino prints circa 1940? Not sure if they are part of the permanent collection or not.

The wedding went well, 150 people crammed into the Gus Fisher Gallery was quite steamy! The after match function was fun- we even danced, but home by 10.30 pm.

Sunday we met Joan for coffee then departed with incident at 11 am. Incident- yes dropped our dratted plastic key card somewhere between the room and the car- had to flag down a car coming in to get out of the parking area. That will be $55 dollars madam. madam was pretty terse!

Sunday afternoon was spent doing a mountain of washing prior to incarceration. it is now i day  and half of the damn washing is still damp- Oh well, i will drape it around my room .

My first radiation is 2 pm this  afternoon and at this moment I would rather shoot myself in the foot! Apparently I should be Ok for the first two weeks radioation but the 8 hour chemo stint on Thursday will probably be nasty.

Jeeze I must have been bad in a past life! Wish I could remember!