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The next appointment

Nah, never wore either of those outfits- very subdued in gray.

So, to sum up, 65% survival rate with this, would not make much difference if I was younger , but would be less after 70. I should start all the nasty  treatment on the 11th of June. I think I could have started it earlier, but the 11th suits.

I must admit that saying a  65% survival rate somehow sounds worse to me that saying I have a 65% chance of making 5 years.

Todays visit to Hamilton hospital was hotly debated by me as I thought having another onclogist visit after one last Monday in Tauranga was a bit over the top. However the message I got was come or get no treatment. Last weeks visit to the oncologist here was pretty straightforward, told what drug I would be on and that chemo lasts about 6 hours once a week for 6 weeks. No probs!!!! Well, none apart from the threat of tinnitus, damaged nerve endings in fingers and toes and a few other trifling things.

After the onclogist last week I had to go to Hamilton for a CRI and the dot tattooing. I have never encountered such indifferent lacksadasical treatment, so going over today I was not filled with joy.

Also on Saturday a letter from Waikato addressed to Margaret Smith found its way after 8 days , into our letter box which is one of several. I hope whoever opened it enjoyed reading in detail about my cervix. Yes, I took a punt that it was for me- it was. Our Dr is M Smith so whover typed it put my name down as Smith.  Had all my other details correct and even noted my name after the cc’s…

My first task today was to show the office staff the letter and envelope, much grovelling, even asked if I wanted to put in a formal complaint. I said I would wait until after my appointment- there could be more than one complaint thinks I!!!

The Nurse Co-ordinator came and met me, said her counterpart in Tauranga had described me as ‘forthright’. ‘ not a miserable old bitch then- I was quite surprised!

Finally meet with the onclogist, he has Williams ears!!!! I had prepared a timeline about the whole process, he immediately told me I was wrong about the date I was diagnosed with NHL, well I thought maybe I am wrong, at that point I produced the Margaret Smith letter, he then checked the other dates in the Smith letter, 10 years early for the laparotomy. He then seriously looked at my time line and compared it with my hospital notes. I graciously accepted his apology. My blood pressure only got up to 185!!!!

He also apologised for the slowness in getting me thru the system, I did say I was wondering about the prediction of 6 months left  as I was initially diagnosed in Feb. Suggested they treat me soon before I am no longer treatable.

I told him the date I wanted treatment and he was surprised- it is 3 weeks hence, said I had been told it would be at least two more weeks so what did another week matter. He said if it was him he would be nagging to get it done. I said I am a great nagger but it never seems to gain me much in the hospital system.

We  parted on friendly terms and even he  cracked a joke, ‘Goodbye Mrs Smith from Parker St”

We then went up and had a llok at the Cancer Lodge, very new and bright, T is allowed to stay on the nights I have brachytherapy, otherwise he will stay with Joan’s sister Rose.

We then went and had lunch for a second time with Rose. She commented that I seemed much happier with Waikato than I had the week before- my word I hope they managed to get those dots in the right place…..

So, feel quite remote from the fact that my chances are slimmish, (glass half full or half empty?), does not seem to relate to me, perhaps because I feel well and have no pain.

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  1. Glass always half full…..cheers R

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