Pig's Ear Park and Other Adventures

Executive Summary

Very straightforward as an ES should be: six months left if I do nothing, with external radiation, brachytherapy and chemo, a 70-80% chance of another two years and a 55- 60% chance of making another five years.    

Blame the low stats on my background of NHL. And just to make it even better(but wait there’s more…) the skin cancer scar on my sternum is acting up and ‘looks like it is back’ said the ca nurse! Oh Joy!


No I won’t number off each section….

We had a lovely time in Kumeu- yes it is possible. We stayed at a very upmarket B&B called The Duckpond- google it…

We went up on Monday and believe it or not we had cold duck for dinner. The on Tuesday we went to the Pah Homestead which had two excellent exhibitions on one by K something Bush, very different, all pastels and Beadsley like but with some gritty modern messages. The other was Sitting pretty, a series of portraits by a local artist, of local celebreties, Jo Segar was great and Mark Sainsbury also looked pretty good. The house itself is great, all 1870 architecture with a protected view of One Tree Hill.

Back to Kumeu after much hissing and spitting getting from the homestead to Kumeu for a sumptious dinner of…. tuna salad.  Well, it was wet and nasty out.

Wednesday dawned a bit murky but cleared eventually and we arrived at the Gibbs Farm at Kaipara on the dot of 10, we were allowed to stay until 2 pm.

It is stunning. Suffice to say we wandered around in a gleeful daze for about 3 hours. Apart from the wonderful sculptures he has zebras and giraffes plus a stag in full roar.

Lots of alpacas wandered all over and lots of gobble gobble  turkeys.

The site is stunning as well, right on the Kaipara. Lots of local sculptures/artists including a slightly strange wire construction from Ralph Hotere, plus a Neil Dawson pyramid. The stars of the whole show though are the  huge pink vaguley erotic sculpture by who know who and the giant steel arches by who knows who’s brother.

Alan Gibbs who owns it all (and does not chrage admission) has in the last few years moved to having sculptures   commisioned, and getting sculptors to do the biggest work they have ever done. It was thrill to see the Sera sculpture having seen his work at the Guggenheim in Bilbao. (forgive a girl a bit of name dropping).

We topped the day off with dinner with Joss and Rob, lovely to catch up.

We drove at breakneck speed to Hamilton where I managed to get us lost- all changed since I lived there, just in time for the dreaded appointment at 11.30 am. We left at 1.30 pm. Suffice to say it was gruelling couple of hours for all involved.

Plan now is I go over on Tuesday to be measured and tattooed- I asked for a butterfly but was declined. ‘Only small dots to mark the singe site”

Then wait for a couple of weeks -I suggested some happy pills would/may be a good idea, until I spend each week for five consecutive weeks at Waikato. Sigh. Allowed home at the weekends and just to top it all of on weeks two, three and five they knock me out at some point and insert rods up my fanny, not sure how long they leave them there but heard a woman moaning about them in Auckland.. Men are softies, they just get little pellets for brachytherapy….

Think I will give T some happy pills as well…

I am not miserable, resentful, don’t think it is unfair just exceedingly bloody grumpy about it all. One good thing- my chances of getting lymphodema are very low , about 1%, it is surgery that buggers them- unless he was fibbing…..

You can wipe off this year said the expert, and you won’t feel like you do now for another 3 years.

He asked what sort of drinker I was, I modestly admitted to moderate(liar) from this point on I told him I am heavy!!!! Then again happy pills may be just the thing.



  1. not sure what to say except I love you mum. take the happy pills and give us azll some too.

  2. Am gobsmacked after our conversation of sift and sort.
    A very linear ES, I could follow it oh too well.
    Joss x

  3. Really appreciate that Nik and Sev. Love you too.

  4. Just back from holiday so hence delay in response – bugger is an understatement.
    Call you shortly, online communication has its place sometimes…..
    R xxx

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