Waiting is not my strongpoint as those who know me well will vouch to. However I now have another 6 weeks to wait before I know whether I am truly in the clear or not.

Apparently ‘my’ nurse should have told me there was a three month wait between scans. However as my nurse was deaf and not given to much conversation that I had to have this wait was never discussed. Apparently she is very good on manipulating the chemo dose but….. Yesterday was the first time I was told that this information should have been given to me by ‘my’ nurse, needless to say I was less than thrilled,1/ over the lack of information and 2/ THE WAIT!  The receipt  yesterday of my appointment time, expected by me to be at the latest mid Feb but in reality  the first of March caused me to ring various ‘official’ people and complain. It was during this  phone around that I received the information that ‘my’ nurse should have told me the wait time.

Old story, if you don’t know the question how can you ask it. Nobody had mentioned the ‘magic’ three months so how would I know to ask about it. Gosh I can see why people become ‘victims’ in the system. I met someone yesterday who is about to have her fifth operation in little over a year on the same knee- cause for many questions I would say.

We had received a letter from Radiology  early December saying I was to be seen by 7th March and both T and I interpreted it that it would all be done and dusted by then and just waited for an appointment which we assummed would be early Feb. Silly us!

The ‘party line’ and I am not sure if it is a ‘party line’ or fact , is that there needs to be a 3 month delay between scans.  I phoned my GP who went along with the 3 month delay, I remain unconvinced. I think it is  a bit of an Abilene crossed with folklore, and 3 months has become the accepted norm due possibly to keeping the numbers wanting scans down to a manageable level.

I phoned the private provider of scans; 1500 dollars and no guarantee I would get back into my oncologist for a follow up anyway , and the 3 month wait seemed a bit muddy. We would not have been so cross and fretful if we had known from the time of the 4th chemo and the last scan that the wait would be so long. Now we wait until the 1st of March for a scan then probably another two weeks before we can see the only oncologist in town

I want to get on with my life!!!!!!