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Radio Wars

Have seen the same people ‘hooked up’ most  sessions, seems if you are given a time and a day you keep that time ad infinitum.

As we are spend about 5- 6 hours in Oncology each time and they do not provide lunch only morning tea, we take a kit with us; warm socks for me- feet get cold, pashmina for snuggling under when the phenergan takes hold( we used to give it to babies to make them sleep- larger dose works on adults) ipod to block it all out plus a  book to read  and lunch.

I always sit in the same seat, as we  all do, just like school. Opposite us for the last twice has been a youngish woman with her support person/partner? They have intense conversations and obviously paranoid about being overheard so last time they came in turned the radio on which is on a table right beside T, we have always quickly turned the radio when we get there . After twenty minutes of Neil Diamond blaring and me snarling T suggested the partner may like to listen to something other than Neil Diamond and at a slightly lesser volume. She fiddled with the radio and found something a bit more muted then carried on with her intense conversation. The woman next to her in a local supermarket uniform gave us a pursed mouth look!

The ipod can’t compete, even on high with the radio- need noise cancelling headphones! Anyway the couple departed and T promptly turned off the radio.

Yesterday we attempted to tune the radio to the concert programme, no joy, the national programme- no joy, would only get the clangy stations, we turned it off. Pursed mouth in supermarket uniform was there again, with husband, he promptly put on his cell phone radio!!!!! Now if you think the tone of a small system is bad, try listening to a poor quality cell phone radio. I gave hime a filthy look.

I think even they found it unpleasant as they turned it off after about 15 minutes. Thank heavens the odd couple never turned up. I quickly fell aseep happily listening to the ipod but  oh the joys of the public system!

We staggered out after about 4 hours, allowed to leave early as long as promised to drink at least 3 glasses of water as soon as I got home. Easy as I had made  up lemon cordial the day before.

I had also sprayed one 15 litre full back pac  of weedkiller the day before plus did a bit of hoeing, energiser bunny has diminshed a bit  I guess as the cumulative effect of the chemo kicks in.

Hopefully I will notice a difference as the weeks go by. I still have far more energy then I had before the chemo. Maybe that is the cumulative effect of the prednisone.

So another scan in about three weeks and then all should be well for 6 months? 10 years? Who knows.

Can’t say it has been an enlightening experience, just something to get through. Thankfully the numbness and tingling seems to be diminshing, my feet at night are the worst, rubbing lavendar based cream into them seems like a good placebo, the smell of the lavender sends me to sleep.

I still have hair, quite thin but unless I am going somewhere special I do not bother with  a wig. Unfortunately I still have orangatang  hairy legs, maybe more like a hobbit.

The staff at the unit are reasonably helpful and are an example of a good team, they all cover each other’s patients.


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  1. Phew, well done! I would keep going in that garden while prednisone is still with you- you may need a long recovery rest when it is out of your system and employ more gardeners. Over my dead body I hear you say!

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