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The title gives it away- yeah!!!!!

Wednesday night our GP phoned which was a surprise as I was not expecting to hear from him, he said he always likes ringing people with good news, ‘things have significantly improved’ he said.

This news meant I could face the visit to the oncology specialist with some degree of calm.

Lined up on Thursday morning  with all the other patients waiting for my name to be called was not the nervous ordeal I had expected it to be having a little prior knowledge.

Dr North appeared right on time(this is the public system so that was a surprise), marched T and I along to his office, weighs me and makes me sit down.

I have had an excellent response to the chemo apparently, three of the four large tumours have gone completely, and the fourth the big nasty way down in the depths of my abdomen near my spine, has reduced from 73mm to 18mm ‘and that could be scar tissue’ says he.

I ask about the bone marrow content, knowing damn well they would not want to do the nasty test to get a bone marrow sample, the response was that if the abdomen tumours had responded so presumably has the bone marrow. Not sure I am totally satisfied with that , think it has more to do with economics and expediency than fact. However I was in no position to argue, may take it up at the final visit after the next scan.

He asked how I had managed the chemo and seemed a little suprised when i said that apart from the day of the chemo and the next day , I was better on the chemo than i had been for years.

His reply was to say that a lot of patients when they have treatment, but usually afterwards suddenly realise that they had felt like crap for years. I was quite surprised by that response. I can now eat anything I like without my stomach going  nasty on me.

I have to have the next two doses of chemo, one the day before xmas eve(@#8!**), will be very pretty for visitors the next day. last time I had one badly swollen eye and hands and feet like hams! After the last chemo I have another scan. I was going to try and wriggle out of these two doses but only I seemed to think it was a good idea.

I asked about life expectancy, usual how long is a piece of string answer. I could have the tumours back again in six months or they could never return- who knows, but five years tends to get mentioned. Lebanon here I come. Think I may give my Dominican nuns in Honiara a miss even though I am tempted to spend a year with them getting them up to speed to sit Teacoll entrance exams.  We have had the garden accpeted for the next Garden and Artfest in November so that will keep me busy.

T wishes the garden and artfest would suddenly vanish off the horizon as he hates the public wandering around moaning about how steep our section is. This time we think we will say-‘steep, if you are not fit stay out’!

So there we are, best result I could imagine, just have to grit my teeth for the next two rounds.



  1. Hey, hey! Great news and just in time for Christmas…. and just as well you can eat/drink what you like…

  2. best news today! you may need another chemo dose just before the garden fest to get energiser bunny going again!!!! Look forward to celebrating with you.
    Love Joss

  3. Great news – I hope the next two see it off for good.

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