Managed several days out in the garden this week,have just about completed the objectives I set weeks ago. However just as you finish one part you wander around and find another area has turned into a Laos landscape complete  with cicadas but no snakes.

Energiser bunny(Jackie- it is a battery commercial where this mad rabbit toy goes on and on and on due to its energiser brand battery!) was in full mode  most of the week, it makes sleeping difficult so I resorted to half a sleeping pill. Now the sleeping pills put me into neutral overnight and then hit me mid afternoon thus reqiring a lay down(loss of gardening time!)

I don’t think I will bother with the pills again , shall just hang in there. I have become used to listening to  radio national for most of the night. I quite like the mountain forecast and the marine forecast, get tired of the inane witterings of the announcers though as they get closer to 6  am.

Have heard some amazing short stories in the middle of the night, but have also heard interviews recycled  for the third time. I may give the concert programme  a turn …

The appointment arrived for my  neck, chest and abdomen scan, next Monday  with the results being dished out on Thursday. Pain , as I know the results will be available later that day. Will just have to beat up the garden some more.

The neck scan alarmed me and I promptly developed throat cancer (not really- just the power of suggestion), hopefully all will be well.

Apart from the mad energy bursts I have been feeling better than I have for years, no stomach problems, can eat anything and no great tiredness apart from sleeping pill hangovers.  All totally different to what I expected.

Plus, I still have just enough hair to get away without wearing a wig. I was going to wear one today to a ‘do’  but it is pouring with rain  and I cannot cope with the thought of a soggy wig!

Now, I just wait!