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Woke up Wednesday full of the joys of life and headed for the garden- ripped out a mountain of nasty little plants , covered the path with them  and headed off to get the tarpaulin to cart them away. Rule number one here is you make the mess you carry it away.

Whoops, felt a bit hot and bothered, must have looked it as Ian offered to carry all the rubbish away, I had him planting clivias, T was hiding somewhere….

I took it easy for the rest of the day, still confident I had gotten through the pegfilgrastin(white cell booster)- wrong!!!!!

Wednesday night I woke up thinking I was having a heart attack. I writhed and moaned and woke T of course, I am not stoic where pain is concerned. I walked and stalked the house, threw loads of paracetomol down my throat- the hospital vows paracetomol is the panacea for all ills.

By Thursday morning my back had joined the pain torture, very sharp pains that lasted  who knows how long, seemed like forever.  Started in my sternum area then traveled down to my coccyx(?). I swear it was a dragon drawing breath.

I phoned oncology,  suggested they were trying to kill me, ‘go to your gp’ said ‘my’ nurse.   A few minutes later she phoned back apparently pain like I described had been reported before by a patient on this  particular nasty.

Advice was still go to my gp and get stronger painkillers. Luckily got an immediate appointment with the gp, who did all the ‘heart’ tests and no I was not having or had a heart attack.

So pain must be from the nasty drug- but again like the initial prednisone dose, delayed reaction.

I stock up on panadeine and tamarol a morphine deriavitive and head home. Scoff some panadeine and fall asleep, think T does too…

The attacks carry on throughout the rest of the day and through the night, too tired to walk and stalk the house by now. About 3 am I take the packet of heavy duty painkillers back to bed ‘just in case’.

Bliss, I wake up at 5 am and although very tired and very tender around the base of my spine I think I will live.  T thinks the back pain is caused by the gardening- I don’t of course but may take it easy for a few days. Won’t be hard to do  very little  as I feel quite glazed. thank heavens I did not need the heavy duty stuff.

Hope those white cells have multiplyed themselves as I do not want this little drama again.

Dr phoned with the results of all the blood tests and I am low on potassium, ‘feel free to partake of tomatoes  and bananas’ was his comment. Oh  the high life !!!!!

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  1. Just like the potassium loving plants! What a shit few days….

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