Thursday was spent making soup to last for days plus a large lasagne, I haven’t been immobilised yet and I bet the first time I do not prepare food I will be poleaxed!

I was consumed with anxiety about my white cell count and thought ‘this is silly’ ring oncology- I did! I know they get the results fast and as the blood test was on Wednesday knew they would have the result. It was 8 something compared to the 3 something last time , so great news no nasty jab.

T and I  drove in on Friday, late of course but I was  almost calm! Found a chair and waited, nearly every space was occupied. A woman smothered in perfume came and sat in the chair next to me, she waited and waited , after about 15 minutes someone noticed her, first time! They need to manage people’s first visit better- you have no idea what is going to happen, I admit you go for a briefing the day before but you are not told walk in and grab a seat  just like you would at McDonalds.

So after five hours of poison  slowly dripping in drove home and promptly went to sleep.

Paid for it later as I did not sleep at all well. I have puffy hands and a new variation, puffy eyes. Not very pretty but guess it will all go down.

I have a scan on December 5th  so that will be interesting. After that I should only need 2 more poisonings. Apart from feeling a bit tired I am fine. May even sneak out into the garden later on.