Pig's Ear Park and Other Adventures


…but slower. pains departed by Friday but have not recovered my frenetic energy. Mind you I have been busy socialising with pre xmas outings with garden clubs etc.  Roses are beautiful this year!

I may go out and work in the garden later but it will be quite sedately.  I am just glad to be feeling better. Another week and it all starts again! Hope the white cells have multiplyed.

I still have hair! Quite thin but no thinner than a lot of people.  That has been a bonus as I have no desire to get into the wigs.


  1. Hi Margaret & Terry

    Was lovely to catch up albeit briefly on Monday!
    We thought you looked wonderful inspite of the ghastly side effects you have been through – and no bald head!!
    Aren’t the roses beautiful – I took out a very large Sally Holmes “tree” earlier this year and its stunted neighbours are now prolific – the joys of light and space.
    Now I know where you write I will log in regularly to keep abreast of things! Note my change of email, still keep the rainmaker one but not online that much so best to use the work one.

    Be thinking of you next week – hope all goes better this time. Love to you both, Rosie

  2. Glad to see you are feeling better and we hope it goes well next week.

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