As Wednesday wore on and I guess the prednisone from the last five days wore off, my poor old body started to ache!

By the evening  I was diving for the paracetomol, which helped. I must admit it was good not to feel so  wound up but could do without the aches. I may take it quieter next round.

Had a very nasty reaction today that I have been getting on and off for about three years- diagnosed as baby cataracts initially then as migraines but I read recently it can be a side effect of low white cell count- eyes that give you vision that is like looking through a fractal.

It seems to be triggered if I look directly into light, but yesterday was overcast. Just to make the whole thing even more  desperate, I was driving three other woman on a garden club outing. We were way out the back of Papamoa when it started- I crept along pretending nothing was wrong , squinting madly.

Spent two hours at lunch fighting off the flashing trainangles and Escher like shapes and just as I thought I would have to get one of the others to drive- it went. Last time it happened- just after the first lot of chemo, it went after two hours as well. Bugger!