Sunday October 2nd, two weeks since my first belt of chemo and I feel fine!

In fact better than fine, I feel quite fit and energetic! I am totally surprised by this  did not expect to feel better than  I did before the chemo.

Had the chemo, took the cocktail of drugs for the next 5 days then gradually started to feel better. I wonder if  it is an aberration and after the next hit pf chemo I will feel worse- who knows, for now I am grateful. I often have a very nasty taste in my mouth, but not all the time. And every now and again I get a bit of a headache but nothing worth even taking a panadol for.

I have far more energy than I have had for ages- years even and that includes the 260 K walk which was a slog for most steps. I have been out in the garden, weeding and planting plus I have even done some housework. Usually I can look dust in the eye for months at a time.

On Friday I had my hair cut off short, Kelly , a local hairdresser did it for me. It is the same style I have had on and  off for 60 years except for my bob wearing latter years.

Friday I  also went to town and collected my two wigs, one white, one ash blonde, the taxpayer pays for one but I sprung for the additional one. I know I will get bored with the same one for 6 months.

Have an assortment of little hats of various types to wear with or without scarves, or under a hat incorporating the Greta Garbo look- ha!

When I arrived home after also visiting the supermarket- see what I mean about more energy, I realised the wig seller had been pumping me about what type of cancer I had. She kept talking about breasts. I must have looked like a ninny as eventually she gave up. Never occurred to me she would be remotely interested in my ‘type’ of cancer.

End of next week it starts again.