I have felt almost normal this week, reasonable amount of energy etc.

Have done three quite strenuous days in the garden, the weeds are like triffids at this time of the year. Terry cleared quite a large piece of flower garden for me, I will replant but in more manageable things. Some plants ‘friends’ give you are worse than the weed triffids. Am now busy transplanting liriopes out from under some violets. T has also built a new bean frame.

Only problem I find is I have to be careful not to have my head down for too long as i get quite dizzy. Plus need to keep up the fluids. Both of these of course could just as easily be age as the chemo.

The anxiety is starting to build though re round two. Today I have a series of blood tests, then tursday a visit to the oncologist(why?) and Friday several hours of poison.

Weather is awful, wet and windy so no gardening. Plus day 8 of the ship on Astrolabe Reef. What a bureacratic bungle and heap of duck shoving. Weather was fine and calm for five days after the stranding, now it is awful the powers that be are blaming the weather not their inactivity.