Am getting a little worried as just like Peter Sellars   ‘my heart begins to race…’ and my energy level if anything has increased to bordering on hyper.

I contacted both Oncology and the Cancer Co-ordinator yesterday, Monday 3rd and mentioned the above in passing, it was seen as’ good’.

From where I am standing at the moment it does not seem that good. How ironic if I had a stroke brought on by the chemo. No, not ironic, bloody awful.

May go to my GP.

It makes sleeping very difficult and I am loathe to stay on sleeping pills as they further muddle the chemo brain.

Maybe I will just continue beating up the garden and cleaning the house while I can. BUT the rapid beating heart is definitely off putting.

I go to a Cancer Society morning tea with all the local lovelies, I even know some of them but by the time I get home I have decided I will go into oncology  – well they did say any problems come and see them.

I am starting to feel like the battery man , the one who never stops….

Oncology are fine and laugh when I say I have no wish to have a stroke while on chemo!

A Dr is found who prods and presses and asks questions, my blood pressure is 175 so something is going on.

They do an ECG, yes, I have a heart and no, there is no problem with it.

The consensus of opinion is that the prednisone dose which never affected while I was on for the five days post chemo has finally kicked in. I ‘ll accept that now that i know i am not going to have a stroke.

The Dr gives me a prescription for some different sleeping pills.

I get a reasonable nights sleep and wake up on Wednesday a bit calmer.  Over the next couple of days it gradually settles down. Hope they reduce the prednisone dose next time….

I was impressed when the nurse- Gay, from Oncology phoned on Thursday to see how I was.

Only worry now is I am losing weight at the rate of about 200 grams a day, must work out when I will finally disappear.