Have the hypers while I am on the mega dose of prednisone this time. So have decided to make use of it, dug out and transplanted 50 liripoes- little green grassy plants for the non gardener. I come off the mega dose on Wednesday so be interesting to see what happens.

Thinking about what I did on Monday quite impressed me- I think I know why athletes take drugs!

Got up, did the washing, dug out 2 square metres of liropes, they were hard to dug out as they were all tied up with a mass of violets. Separated all the plants out.     Pruned the may hedge by the clothes line, pruned the corokia hedge by the drive- about 50 metres in total, only low but a wielding of the hedgeclippers.

Carted away five bins of rubbish that I had left by the vegie garden a few days before, section is steep and all  that involves quite a lot of lugging and heaving. Created another huge pile of weeds in the vegie garden- hid them for later…

Planted out all the liriopes, transplanted some winter roses. Cleared the path by the liriope and winter roses of rubbish. Bullied T into transplanting a conifer.

Got the washing in, folded it etc, cooked a curry for dinner  and still stayed awake most of the night.

Tuesday. Cleaned the house but a little less springy, probably straight exhaustion……

My eyelashes are breaking off and the birds are getting a healthy supply of silver hair morning and evening- hope the blackbirds , thrushs and waxeyes appreciate it.

Apart from the above all seems to be fine. Although I must admit that emotionally the falling hair is a bummer. I can cope with it intellectually, know it has to happen etc but yuck, it falls all the time just gently but inevetiably.