Sometimes it does not pay to listen to the radio! This morning on the national programme a woman was speaking about breast cancer and what a good bang for the taxpayers buck  with regards to survival it was compared to the other ‘top’ three cancers.

Did not lift up my antennae until the third one- lymphona, she merrily went on to say all three rarely survive beyond ten years whereas breast cancer has an 80% survival rate.

Good for all those breasts but not joyous news for me.

Off to the Oncologist today, only issue is the dose of prednisone and the giddys- we shall see- the royal we is because T comes to.

My hair is starting to fall out- dammit.

Later, passed down the food chain but the Chief Oncologist did appear. No negotiation over the amount of prednisone. Also, my white cell count is quite low, below what they would like. If it is low next time they cannot do the chemo without some kind of intervention- read more drugs then possibly a blood transfusion. Must read up what helps white cells grow. Usually my white cell count is too high denoting an infection.



Up bright and stressfully early for round two. All went off like round well except I must have made a sudden movement with my hand and next minute the drip is dripping over me. Told to wash my clothes as soon as i got home as the substance is toxic! What a surprise!

They mopped my hand  and then hooked me up again – very firmly.

This time we ponged out the ward with instant noodles for lunch- no they do not provide it.

Had a bit of a nap after my immersion then was let off the line 5 hours after going on it- 2 hours less than last time.

Came home zzzd for about an hour then pottered about.  Both of took half a sleeping pill, T got hours out of his but I only got about 4- must be the prednisone. Hope Iam not into TWO weeks of battery bunny.

Saturday, don’t feel as bad today as i did after round one- must be getting accustomed to feeling awful.

Hair falling out in hunks- the birds love it Ilean out the window and shake it out- will be silver lined nests around here soon. Think I will get T to just go over it with the clippers….