We decided to take up swimming and lying in the sun. Well, a few lengths and 20 minutes total in the sun. It is truly amazing the lengths both sexes go to for an even tan. There are more leathery looking bodies onboard than i have ever seen. After four days of the lengths/sun routine T has developed nasty itchy bits , cannot decide if it is the sun/the sunscreen/the water etc… Luckily the day before LA the weather went cool so no more of that regime.

We have also been religiously attending bridge lessons, god almighty I am thick, well I was beginning to think so then sat with other learners and they were dopier than me. We have an over enthusiastic tutor who tells us every variation for every decision….I do not care what all the variations are, just give me one or maybe two… Yesterday (14 August 2011) I decided that today would be my last day, but something must have clicked as I now have a vague idea of what the hell it is all about. T goes too as does a pleasant Australian couple, plus about 10 others including a woman who now will not talk to me. It was only a little slap on the hand I gave her for trying to rearrange my hand- honestly!

The day before LA we saw a large school of dolphins, amazing sight as they frolicked around the ship.  Still flying fish now and again and some people have seen turtles. No whales.

Los Angeles was in there somewhere, American customs came on board an hour late so we were all held up. We just caught the shuttle into Longbeach as there was little time to do anything much.  The tours as usual were very expensive and basically were all sitting on a bus for ages with about an hour at the destination- try doing Disneyland in two hours!

The natives are starting to get grumpy about the short time in port. Never take a cruise – well not this line anyway, if you want to see anything.  Had a lovely half hour in Nordstroms in Longbeach – T is so over shops…

Bought the usual two bottles of wine. Met one couple who always buy 4 one and a half litre bottles- never been stopped. We took it we were allowed 2 a cabin, sorry stateroom.

We love the differentiation – ‘where did you get on?’ when we say’ Dover’, the questioner always sniffs and says they have been on since Sydney. Only those who have been on since Sydney ask. One day I will say was that because they were too scared to organise a trip for themselves. I actually started to pre-empt the question by asking where they had got on…

Too cool again to swim/sunbake- luckily for T’s skin which seems to be holding but not getting a lot better- I sense another expensive doctors visit.

We had a formal dinner a few nights ago and T and I had a nice photo taken of us in our glad rags- may even buy a copy…. Have another one tomorrow night but have two dresses that are too tight for comfort so onto another little black number bought in England, then I will haul out my vintage Diane Freis for the last dinner.

We have new lecturers onboard, a retired American High School Social Studies teacher- oh goody.  He is going to talk about all sorts of things that happen in the Pacific in general terms then his female companion- not sure who she is – “will talk about various things he has talked about in detail” – oh goody. What about some Pacific history- yes it does have some! What about some archaeology….

Anyway Honolulu in two days and hopefully it will warm up by then. 🙂