Pig's Ear Park and Other Adventures

Pangbourne to Sonning

Short walk today of 10.8 miles and an even shorter one tomorrow of around 7 miles then back to slogging it on Sunday.

Todays walk was done in nice weather which we have come to expect- fools!

Nice locks , heavily wooded areas ,built up areas and only three paddocks early in the day.

We even went into a forbidden area. The Reading Council in thier wisdom are resurfacing about 4 k’s of the track, one would ask why are they doing it now and not a couple of months ago?

Anyway just out of Purley, where we were diverted away from the river for the now usual trawl thru suburbs, there was a sign saying ‘use other routes’ What other routes dammit! So over the fence we hopped, down the steps to the river and had a nice walk along a newly scalped path for about a kilometre, met a little warm digger sitting all by itself in the middle of the path, gave it a pat and kept on going. Shortly after we ran into the driver , had decided to pretend I was from Finland and did not know the lingo but when the time came just told the truth…He was abit surprised that these two old fogeys had blatantly ignored the signs and jumped the fence, said another foreigner had done the same the day before- bet it was the Mexican!

After a bit of humming and hawing he absolved us and we carried on , we promised to jump over the fence at the other end of the diversion in a very discreet fashion- yeah! Just after this we walked along a paved path with nice lawns and yummy houses opposite, on what is known as the Thames Promenade ,maybe this is what the digging is all about….

We then entered Reading, odd to have apartment blocks along side us then large corporate buildings, flashest ones were Thames Water and Oracle

Along the path near Reading there were some areas totally fouled (no pun intended) by the ever present Canadian Geese. A fisherman said he counted one pair with 36 babies… Saw 2 black swans today, unusual apparently.

Just out of Reading, about 200 metres from the path which was looking a bit like an actual tow path at this point, was the hughest Tesco’s I have ever seen. We bought some cooling foot spray from a very helpful woman.

The last few k’s to Sonning was very pleasant. T really likes this but I miss my big cows and raggedy sheep.

Forgot to say , yesterday T saw a family of minks, apparently there are quite a few in this area, escaped pets who love it here and are breeding quite nicely thank you. Also, the Poms love lighting bonfires, often see remains of them and the ladies we met days ago said they were looking forward to ‘lighting a lovely big fire ‘ that night.

One more thing about Oxford and Christs College, apart from the fact they are having an organ recital in July by the organist from ChCh cathedral NZ,; the porters are now called custodians and they have some female ones!!!! First ones were about a year ago, we met a nice one, said she loves her job and feels it is working out well.

Tomorrow- Henley.


  1. Am impressed after walking all day, you have the energy to write such detail of the walk -fantastic to read!

  2. Me too. Some great mental pictures. I can see the hot water bottle sitting in the back of the boat.

  3. Just getting a decent energy level now- have not lost an ounce of weight….

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