After fiddling around for what seemed like hours trying to decide what to take, we finally left Liverpool airport with Easy Jet and a very light bag each. Who will know if we wear the same clothes for days on end and even if we smell, we won’t know the people we are offending!

Easy Jet is always an experience, I always forget the queuing  for seats, no seat allocations, we ended up near the front, together which was more a testimony to good luck than good management.

Berlin at 6pm at night was sticky, T could not resist doing his John Cleese Nazi walk while we were going thru the terminal’- I was not amused.

We bought our Berlin Cards which promised discounts and unlimited transport by rail, tram and bus all for 150 NZ dollars – who could resist such a bargain.  However the train failed to leave and we spent 25 hot and sticky minutes waiting for a cranky door to close. We finally arrived at the Top Domizil apartment on Wallstrasse at 7.20 pm having experienced both train and underground. Endless steps, thank heavens for the light bags and we probably smelt already.

The apartment was on the 6th floor, most buildings in the centre seemed to have a mix of residential and commercial useage and ours was no excpetioon. In the four days we were there we never saw another person! Only issue I had with the apartment was it reeked of cigar smoke- took me half a can of room freshner and two days to nuke it to normaility. The bed of course had a super efficient German incontinent blanket but I am getting very efficient at ripping them off and throwing them in a corner and generally rearranging the bedding. The towels were a bit squinty ,luckily the sheets were passable! All nicely furnished with a huge TV, bath/shower, dishwasher etc and only 535 dollars for 4 nights.

We staggered around the corner to a local restaurant and had a passable meal, 38 E, T lost his mind and as I had left abruptly when a cigar was lit at an adjoining table, I could not monitor the tipping- 12 E!!!! That was the pool for tipping the whole trip, nobody else got much more than a E…

Cigar smoke- I am highly allergic to it, had to have a huff of T’s inhaler later that night, hence my irritation at the pong in the  apartment.  All that aside, what we saw on the first evening, looked tidy, clean and interesting in an austere kind of way. Lots of greenery, and no building much more than 6 floors high. Built right up to the street. Mainly, gray painted plaster with some interesting brick buildings.  The buildings in Potsdammer Platz were all done after the wall came down and they are stunning, the buildings were most people live and work were mainly post war to about 1970.

However I am leaping ahead.