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Berlin – Day 5

Could not get a late check out so decided we would do the 3 1/2 boat cruise.  There are a number offered but it took some tenacity on the part of Terry to find out where to get on.  Funnily enough, an assistant in Ka De Wa told us what stations to use – that is why the shop is so expensive – good assistants! Berlin has over 200k’s of navigable waterways- amazing.

So at 8am we hit the underground then walked to the river, carrying our bags, lucky they were light.  It had rained hard in the night and was quite overcast but better that than red hot.  Only us and another couple on the boat.  We spread ourselves about and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, wished we had visted Mueseum island, it looked very Venetian and very grand from the water. It must have escaped being bombed.

75% of Berlin was destroyed and it makes for an unusual city, some dramatc old architecture, some innovative modern stuff and what is described as brutalism housing/office apartments. Some of the latter were quite decorative and looking down some of the strasses one could almost picture it as a modern Venice without the water- see I liked it!

Lots of trees along the Spree river and canals, and we even went thru 3 locks.  We polished off the remainder of the ham/cheese and tomatoes, popped into fresh rolls I had purchased that am and had a little picnic on the boat.  The girl operating the snack bar gave us filthy looks but we ignored her.

We made our way back to Alexanderplatz, caught the train to the airport, did the Easy Jet queue with aplomb, but I do prefer having an allocated seat. However you do have to admire the efficiency , they load 300 people in less than 15 minutes this way.

We arrived 20 minutes early (must have been a tailwind), 1 hour 25 minutes, Berlin to Liverpool. We then had to wait 20 minutes for our little bags to arrive at the carousel.

Gill, bless her, was waiting for us and we were back in Southport by 8 pm.

Berlin was a really worthwhile experience for me and also for Terry (I think), so much history of our time encapsulated in one city. The Germans have done a remarkable thing there with the way they have commemorated their past, both WW2 and the separation of the city after WW2 and then reunification.

Loads of secondary school age kids were visiting it all as well, probably better to go before or after school holidays. Many groups of kids were from overseas, the noisiest were the British! Germans are very quiet so the noisy kids were very noticeable!


  1. So great to be back in Berlin through you. It sounds as though you were in the apartment where we stayed if Spittle….. underground was outside the front door. Such an interesting city. Ok now we look forward to the boat cruise home stories!

  2. First week of the floating resthome completed, will write it up when both mine and the computer’s batteries have recharged…..

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