I am really grateful to Catherine and Joss for the great notes both gave me, I took them with me and used them as a sort of checklist.

We didn’t get to any opera or concerts as ‘the season’ was over until October and we were too tired by nightfall anyway, but we did get to two of the galleries: the Neue Gallerie and the Germanalogica.  Both stuffed full of wonderful art, plus the Neue Gallerie is in a building designed by Miles van der Rohe.

We started to get a feel for the architecture, Potsdammer Platz was super, yes Joss I liked the Sony building as well. The whole place was interesting and so diverse with its styles. We never got to any of the museums on Museum Island as we simply ran out of time.  Just imagine what the 5000 paintings Hitler had destroyed in 1939 were …. Loved the way the Neue Gallery just had a black and white copy displayed o feach known missing painting.

We undergrounded to Ka De Wa and all we could afford was  a packet of serviettes for Gill, T’s daughter in law, we left quite quickly.

A sombre moment when we went back to the Wittenplatz Underground, the oldest in Berlin,on a noticeboard outside the station was  a list of concentration camp names, to where  people were transported from this station…..

Had dinner at the trattoria,well they called it that, just down the road, T had half a pig and I had a miserable sausage- I remember them in the 60’s, German sausages seemed much larger then, wine helped it go down.