Potsdam for us!  We managed the train system out there, Spittlemart to Alexanderplatz by underground then train to Potsdam, dab hands at using the system! Nice trip through forest for about 30 minutes.

We caught the bus up to SansSoucci Park, home to the most Baroque of all Baroque Palaces, Frederick third’s Sans Soucci Palace. it was yummy, like a beautifully decorated cake, all pastels, gold, puttis and froth. The Neue palace where the surrender of World War II was signed was closed- silly us going on a Tuesday the day it is shut.

We wandered around the beautiful park, acres and acres of it. Great botannical garden here as well, T was thrilled to see hostas flowering.

We bought some yummy raspberries and blueberries plus some free range eggs, we’ll shop where the opportunity presents itself and it did, at Potsdam town.

Potsdam looks like a nice town to explore… Back to town and a walk thru Alexanderplatz via a couple of department stores – nothing doing….however in the gourmet section of one of the stores we hit pay dirt, yummy fresh pasta, sauce and good wine, we carted our trophies home and scoffed most of it , leaving the eggs and blueberries for another day.