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Thames Path Walk: Day 1 – Cirencester to Crickdale

The day did not start auspiciously, we had to wait an hour for our breakfast at The Old Brewhouse in Cirencester. Nice place but the owners were away, and on one of my frequent trips to the kitchen to ‘check’ progress I was told ‘we only have a small frying pan’!!!!

Finally we were fed and watered and away. We were dropped off in Kemble and after a couple of false starts across paddocks full of very large cows we finally found the stone stating this was indeed the source. no sign of water and no sign of water for another hour as we dodged rainstorms and cowpats. Even sheltered under a tree for a time. Then as suddenly as the rain came it went- it came back a few times later in the day but not as heavy. Very grateful for our Khathmandu wet weather gear inclding a ten dollar pack cover!!!

Some beautiful Cotswold stone houses, some dating back to 1649, well that is what the plaque said.

We had given  up on getting a packed lunch at the B&B – we would still be there… Made a marmite sandwich out of our toast and along with a Snickers bar each and a couple of bananas plus water felt sure we could make it to the next pub!

The next pub never came…we lunched on our bits and pieces but Terry was not very happy with snack food. We walked and walked and walked, the Thames made irregular appearances, more like an errant creek at this stage disappearing altogether as we came through the area known as Cleveland Waters, a series of old gravel pits that are now full of water-Thames water?

Some very pleasant wooded areas  and lots of paddocks with very large cows- gosh UK cows are big. Terry gallantly let me lead the way through the cows…

Nobody about, only couple we met was another kiwi couple who were on their last day, having walked from London. They said the Poms do it in 2-3 day bursts. Only other people on the paths were a couple of cyclists and a woman on a large horse. Kicks his legs, said Terry.

The last 6 k’s to Cricklade and the White Hart seemed to take forever. The temperature was cool, about 16C, cooler than when we were walking at home .Just over 20km completed today.

After a long soak in the White Hart bath we felt almost human  and I think Terry may stay for another day.

Photos to follow…. Tomorrow we have a 24km stomp to Kelmscott, think the river starts appearing on a regular basis soon.


  1. Have a wonderful image of you 2 eating your marmite toast sandwiches -how sensible to take some of your breakfast with you! looking forward to the next story.

  2. Today we had bacon sandwiches!!!!

  3. Am really enjoying reading your travel adventure. Those poles you have for the walk will be handy to keep the cows at bay when you cross the paddocks. Hope the weather warms up for you. All well here, though heaps colder now. x

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