Forgot to say the lightswitches were in a 3 star plus hotel!!!! Think their numbering  for hotels is somewhat different to ours.

Munnar means 3 lakes, we saw a rather manky creek but no lakes in town.

Terry has just read this and swears it is 3 rivers as 3 rivers converge here, would explain the gunge on the banks.

Town of Munnar is the usual wild west Asian style, all low level, tuk tuks everywhere, pot holes, cows and rolla door shopfronts selling everything from nails to icecream. Plus the cleanest email centre we have ever been i, yes the one with the twink keyboard- had to take your shoes off to enter, perhaps it is a temple to IT.

On Sunday when we arrived the town was full of tea planatation workers, thier day off. Place was buzzing, still buzzing the next day but with tuktuks.

We are 1500m up and the temperature is very pleasant. It is very hilly and full of tea planatations, hence the workers who are mainly from Tamil Nadu. The plantations are very attractive, lots of huge rocks down the hillsides with tea planted around them in a beautiful green mosaic. Saw women picking tea, boy they must have good leg muscles as the land thay are working on is twice as steep  as Manatu!

The accommodation is Ok, Whispering Meadows !!!!!, would have been very nice once but seems  here that once  anything  is built no further maintenance is reqired.

Having done an exhaustive(I’ll say- ehausting) study of Indian housekeeping I have reached the following conclusion, mopping the floor with cold water is Ok, changing sheets and sloshing stuff down the loo is OK but wiping walls, using hot water for anything is a nono. Seriously, they never use hotwater- gives you a sore throat. Think they may wash themselves in hot water but not sure as they cough all the time. Dishes are washed in cold water!!!!

We met a nice Indian couple who were visiting the local national park- home to the threatened thar-I’ll say , in NZ we shoot ’em.

Anyway, after a half hour drive out of town, a 10 minute queue, a 20 minute tortuous  busride and a 20 minute walk we reached…….. a sign which said, end of  it! Road went on but we were not allowed to, so we all walked, bussed etc back down again. It was reminiscent of going out in the desert to see sand in Rajastan.

Back to the India couple, they live in Singapore, very suave , been everywhere, just back from a North Island NZ holiday. Here for  a wedding. The wedding season which plagued us in hotels in Rajastan is till on here, but seems quieter somehow. Anyway we were all being rude about the bus and the queueing, and he told this story about Gandhi; Gandhi was travelling by train in 3rd class, and his son was on the same train in 1st class. When asked by reporters why he was in 3rd and his son in 1st, Gandhi replied, ‘well, he has a famous father, mine was a nobody’.

We completed the day with me having an aruveydic massage- think lots of oil… even my hair was oiled- ugh!!! Skin feels Ok but i feel no younger or even reinvigorated as promised!!!

Visited a dam- thrilling- well Ron and Lyn would like it, built by the British.

That is about it, nice staying in a resort up in the trees just a pity the catering was not up to the hotel in Puanui’s standard.

Tomorrow, we are off to Thekaddy, staying in a national park which sounds a bit dodgy, tigers etc but will probably just be the usual monkey or two!

Happy Birthday Ilaria even if it is a day late.