The keyboard I am working on has no letters left on it – through use of course.  A new set has been painted on in twink but half of them are missing so if my spelling is worse than usual that is why.

We left Chorao quite sadly yesterday morning having had a really nice stay.  Found out the island is five by 8 miles and apparently has about 15000 people on it, the latter surprises me!!!!

Anyway, we left Chorao at 5.45 am on Jan 2nd after one of those sleepless nights caused by worrying about getting up.   Now terry is useless in the morning and I am useless at night, and our day did not end till 10.30 so we both had our chance to behave badly.

Crossed over on the ferry to the mainland, whizzed along in the dark for an hour to the airport at Vasco where, shock, horror, the queue was outide on the road waiting to have their luggage x-rayed.

Much pushing and shoving, some bugger took skin off my ankle with his trolley and I threatened to knock his block off (see, not good in the morning).   We finally tottered through to departure just to repeat it all again, plus body searches at Bangalore.   Women go in a separate queue.

Finally tottered into Cochin at 12.30 pm to be met by a very suave gent.  I hissed that the accommodation and the car better be better than in Rajastan.  We now have a motorised eggcup compared to the thimble we had before.

Our driver, Friver, seems OK as well.   He is not the suave one that met us and whisked us thru the airport.
The Hotel? Well, I will post photos sometime of the dirtiest lightswitches I have ever seen and that includes China!  The bed was clean and the shower wet so as long as you never really touched anything it was OK. 

We caught the public ferry over to Fort Cochin which I visited in 1986, sort of the same but lots more rubbish.   Picked up by a tuktuk driver who for 50 rupees took us around all the good bits. How could i resist a driver who said, Wellington, Hamilton, Auckland.   The Hamilton did it!!!!

He was very good and took us into all sorts of dubious places we would never have found like a spice warehouse full of sacks of stuff which then gets sold to the shops! Yummy smells.

Missed the ferry back and had to wait another hour. Driver was quite anxious as we said we would be two hours and stayed away four- ah well…  Then it was off to Kathkali dancing, very traitional, very noisy and very colourful. I’m sure it has its roots in Chinese opera.

Back to the hotel, by which time I was staring to twitch, 8pm and no food.  Went to the hotel restaurant, looked good  but as noted earlier and hours wait and i was very ugly. The food was OK  but they got  a 10 rupee tip and that was only because I never have the right change.

We slept well last night after two ferry trips , two plane flights and 1 tuktuk tour!

Breakfast this morning was a bit of a shambles so we headed off by 9 am and here we are in Munnar which is a tea plantation town in the Western Ghats.

Much cooler, about 24 from 35 and no mosquitos. We got bitten to death at the dancing and we were inside.  The hotel seems clean – we inspect the switches in addition to the bed and shower!!!!

Next report will be on tea plantations and things agricultural.
ps: I was leered here, such a surprise I just stared at the man, that was the end of that.