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Scurrying Rats

In Burma we went to a temple that had leaping cats, went through a hoop and got fed for their efforts but India went one better: a temple for rats!!!!

Just out of Bikaner in Rajastan is the Kala Marti temple which exists on the belief that the rats that live in the temple are the reincarnation of local villagers.  It is either a big village or every previous generation of villager has been reincarnated because the temple is swarming with rats!

You have to try and imagine half light,  lots of chanting from local priests,  burning incense, locals praying and swarms of rats.  The rats are fed on a diet of milk and grain but they still look quite unhealthy, maybe they lack vitamin C?

 They are all very preoccupied with doing one thing regardless of their surroundings, maybe the local village is large!  

We had been told to wear socks rather than go into the temple barefoot and it is, apparantly, good luck if one walks over you.  I, of course, took things one step (no pun intended) further and accidentally stood on one.  I have to say, they are very warm!  I’m not sure whether causing internal injuries to a rat will affect my future luck – maybe I should stop buying lotto tickets.

We are now in Jaislemer which is full of lovely yellow Sandstone buildings with nary a rat in sight.

Plenty of sharks in shops though….

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  1. You’ve got more guts than me. Qite possibly on your feet, come to think of it. There is no way I would have gone anywhere a rat,let alone thousands of them, warm or not. Margaret

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