… but the hotel is clean, the dunny works and there is a reasonable if pricey restaurant. Loads of beggars here in Jaipur, they love Terry, but leave me alone – funny that.

Weather has cooled down a bit, was up to 30 plus now about 24.   Leave for Agra tomorrow, actually looking forward to getting to Goa, had enough of cars, hotels, and driving plus we are forted and palaced out. We now tell the company guides to bugger off as our guide book is better.

Still reasonably healthy, stomachs give a lurch from time to time but OK . Think the British gymnasts were right. Heard a young British tourist say the other day ‘ why did we stay here so long’. Meaning the Empire of course…

My memeories of here from 25 years ago were of a pink, not very crowded city with very few people around and free admission to monuments.

Long gone!  Now it is heaving with tourists (many more so than anywhere else in  Rajastan), faded pink and admission fees everywhere.  There are a lot of local tourists as well.

We pay 300 rupees admission, they pay 10 rupees!!!  So guess that is an incentive.  Our guide asked anxiously today if we needed to change any money, think he is getting anxious that he will not get his cut!