Feel I am paying some weird karmic debt for being thrifty…

When we booked this trip, out of three options, I booked budget as charming accommodation was described as being on offer.  When we booked a similar trip to Burma, the agent advised against budget, and when I questioned this agent as to what we would get was assurred it would be fine.

Rubbish!  Out of 7 different accommdations, only 2 have been fit for anything other than a Bikaner rat.   There was a third one but that does not really count as part of the deal as it came about by chance. 

I was throwing a very serious hissy fit in Jasilmer when a local guide offered us alternative accommodation and we accepted.  It was clean, had a shower with hot water that worked for one day of the three we were there, plus had good breakfasts.  Best of all it had a stunning view of the spectacular Jasilmer Fort.

In fact, the breakfasts were so good we have started eating Puri Bhaji by choice rather than anemic flat omelettes.   The fort is better seen from afar as within it is a rabbit warren of souvenier shops.  We forwent the Museum…
The car we are travelling in is, well I’m not sure what it is, but it is smaller than our Suzuki.   It went well for the first two days then developed a serious miss fire; after the fifth day, In Jodphur, we refused to go any further until it was fixed. It was- cost $NZ10 equivalent!   We were offered a better car today but it would cost $NZ1,100 to get it to us!!!!
In Bikaner, which has an interesting fort, we visted the camel research farm, which was desribed in the guidebook (Footprint) as having a great spectacle in the late afternoon as the camels all return to their stalls. Well, they do return but you do not see them coming in from the desert, just tramping along between two fences. However the camels have provided with an endless source of amusement as they pop up most unexpectedly.
Rajastan has not had monsoons for three years and in some areas the stock seen was  very close to starvation.   There is not much stock anywhere and things seem quite dire, in Udapuir, the lake is very low and that is the city water supply.
We paid extra here in Udapuir to get a quiet room, but a better rooom in a poor hotel is still a poor room.   Jodphur, we  remember fondly , we had a good shower. See how basic one becomes!  Luckily so far we are healthy, so maybe poor accommodation a bouncing car on the rough roads , agrees with us.
When this is over  I will name the travel company.
ps: Joan, this is a Rose mood!!!!!